Publication: Time vs. Space Adaptation with ATOP-Grid

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Title Time vs. Space Adaptation with ATOP-Grid
Authors/Editors* Angela C. Sodan and Garima Gupta
Where published* ACM Workshop on Reflective and Adaptive Middleware (ARM), Melbourne
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2006
Volume -1
Number -1
Pages 6 pages
Publisher ACM
Very large grid applications that run and communicate simultaneously on different sites need reservation of start times and a minimum of resources. It becomes easier for each site’s batch job scheduler to deal with the road blocks in the schedule that are created by such reservations if having some degree of freedom in how to meet the reservations. Thus, our ATOP-Grid middleware allows us to trade time-share allocation vs. space-share allocation based on the option of the application reserving execution power rather than time or space shares. We present the general concept and results that demonstrate the benefits which such flexible resource allocation provides.
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