Publication: Pricing path-dependent options on state dependent volatility models with a Bessel bridge

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Title Pricing path-dependent options on state dependent volatility models with a Bessel bridge
Authors/Editors* G. Campolieti and R. Makarov
Where published* International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 10
Number 1
Pages 51-81
This paper develops bridge sampling path integral algorithms for pricing path-dependent options under a new class of nonlinear state dependent volatility models. Path-dependent option pricing is considered within a new (dual) Bessel family of semimartingale diffusion models, as well as the constant elasticity of variance (CEV) diffusion model, arising as a particular case of these models. The transition p.d.f.s or pricing kernels are mapped onto an underlying simpler squared Bessel process and are expressed analytically in terms of modified Bessel functions. We establish precise links between pricing kernels of such models and the randomized gamma distributions, and thereby demonstrate how a squared Bessel bridge process can be used for exact sampling of the Bessel family of paths. A Bessel bridge algorithm is presented which is based on explicit conditional distributions for the Bessel family of volatility models and is similar in spirit to the Brownian bridge algorithm. A special rearrangement and splitting of the path integral variables allows us to combine the Bessel bridge sampling algorithm with either adaptive Monte Carlo algorithms, or quasi-Monte Carlo techniques for significant numerical efficiency improvement. The algorithms are illustrated by pricing Asian-style and lookback options under the Bessel family of volatility models as well as the CEV diffusion model.
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