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Title Analysis of Large Order Bessel...
Authors/Editors* F. A. Chishtie ,S. R. Valluri, K. M. Rao, D. Sikorski and T. Williams
Where published* IEEE
How published* None
Year* 2005
Volume 0
Number 0
Publisher xxxxx
Abstract—In this work, we present the analytic treatment of the large order Bessel functions that arise in the Fourier Transform (FT) of the Gravitational Wave (GW) signal from a pulsar. We outline several strategies for efficient evaluation of these Bessel functions which also happen to have large argument. Large order Bessel functions also arise in the Peters-Mathews model of binary stars emitting GW. Other applications can also arise in a variety of problems in Applied Mathematics as well as in the Natural Sciences and present a challenge for efficient High Performance Computing(HPC).
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