Publication: Simulation of chemical reaction equilibria by the Reaction Ensemble Monte Carlo method

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Title Simulation of chemical reaction equilibria by the Reaction Ensemble Monte Carlo method
Authors/Editors* C.H. Turner, J.K. Brennan, M. Lisal, W.R. Smith, J.K. Johnson and K.E. Gubbins
Where published* Molecular Simulation
How published* Journal
Year* 2008
Volume 34
Number 1-3
Pages 119-146
Keywords Monte Carlo; reaction; equilibria; simulation
Understanding and predicting the equilibrium behaviour of chemically reacting systems in highly non-ideal environments is critical to many fields of science and technology, including solvation, nanoporous materials, catalyst design, combustion and propulsion science, shock physics and many more. A method with recent success in predicting the equilibrium behaviour of reactions under non-ideal conditions is the reaction ensemble Monte Carlo method RxMC). RxMC has been applied to reactions confined in porous solids or near solid surfaces, reactions at high temperature and/or high pressure, reactions in solution and at phase interfaces. The only required information is a description of the intermolecular forces among the system molecules and standard free-energy data for the reacting components. Extensions of the original method include its combination with algorithms for systems involving phase equilibria, constant-enthalpy and constant-internal energy adiabatic conditions, a method to include reaction kinetics, a method to study the dynamics of reacting systems, and a mesoscale method to simulate long-chain molecule phase separation. This manuscript surveys the various applications and adaptations of the RxMC method to-date. Additionally, the relationship between the RxMC method and other techniques that simulate chemical reaction behaviour is given, along with insight into some technical nuances not found in the pioneering papers.
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