Publication: An improved bounce-back scheme for complex boundary conditions in lattice Boltzmann method

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Title An improved bounce-back scheme for complex boundary conditions in lattice Boltzmann method
Authors/Editors* XW Yin and JF Zhang
How published* Journal
Year* 2012
Volume 231
Number 11
Pages 4295-4303
Keywords lattice Boltzmann Method, microfluidics, particulate suspensions
In recent years, the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) has been widely adopted to simulate various fluid systems, and the boundary treatment has been an active topic during the LBM development. In this paper, we present a novel approach to improve the bounce-back boundary treatment for moving surfaces with arbitrary configurations. We follow the framework originally proposed by Ladd [A.J.C. Ladd, Numerical simulations of particulate suspensions via a discretized Boltzman equation. Part 1. Theoretical foundation, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 271 (1994) 285-309]; however, the adjustment in the density distribution during the bouncing-back process at the boundary is calculated using the midpoint velocity inter-/extrapolated from the boundary and fluid velocities, instead of the real boundary velocity in the Ladd method. This modification ensures that the bouncing-back process and the density distribution adjustment both take place at a same location: the midpoint of a boundary lattice link, and thus removes the discrepancy of bouncing-back at the midpoint but density distribution adjustment at the boundary point in the original Ladd method. When compared with other existing boundary models, this method involves a simpler algorithm and exhibits a comparable or even better accuracy in describing flow field and flow-structure interaction, as demonstrated by several test simulations. Therefore, this boundary method could be considered as a competitive alternative for boundary treatment in LBM simulations, especially for particulate and porous flows with large fluid-solid interfacial areas.

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