Publication: Complex lens design: searching for a needle in a haystack

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Title Complex lens design: searching for a needle in a haystack
Authors/Editors* Sergey Mashchenko
Where published* Journal of Physics: Conference Series
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2012
Volume 341
Number 1
Pages 012023
Publisher IOP Science
Optical design of complex (multi-element) lenses is traditionally considered to be part science and part art, primarily because of the enormous complexity of the problem. Recent advances in high performance computing (HPC) made it feasible to adopt a purely scientific approach in discovering new lens designs. In this paper, I formulate the task of finding a new lens design that satisfies a given set of constraints as a search for the global minimum of a function of unknown and very large (~ 30 – 100) number of dimensions. I address the significant complication that only a tiny fraction of the volume of the free parameters space is physically accessible. I propose a smart lens drafting algorithm which circumvents this difficulty. I present my numerical code which can be used to discover novel complex lens designs in a fully automatic fashion. I discuss the HPC aspects of the problem of searching for minima of high dimensionality functions.

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