Publication: Homoclinic tangle on the edge of shear turbulence

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Title Homoclinic tangle on the edge of shear turbulence
Authors/Editors* Lennaert van Veen and Genta Kawahara
Where published* Physical Review Letters
How published* Journal
Year* 2011
Volume 107
Pages 114501
Publisher APS
Keywords Turbulence, homoclinic chaos
Experiments and simulations lend mounting evidence for the edge state hypothesis on subcritical transition to turbulence, which asserts that simple states of fluid motion mediate between laminar and turbulent shear flow as their stable manifolds separate the two in state space. In this Letter we describe flows homoclinic to a time-periodic edge state that display the essential properties of turbulent bursting. During a burst, vortical structures and the associated energy dissipation are highly localized near the wall, in contrast with the familiar regeneration cycle.
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