Publication: Finite-Temperature Critical Behavior of Mutual Information

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Title Finite-Temperature Critical Behavior of Mutual Information
Authors/Editors* Rajiv R. P. Singh, Matthew B. Hastings, Ann B. Kallin, Roger G. Melko
Where published* Physical Review Letters
How published* Journal
Year* 2011
Volume 106
Pages 135701
We study mutual information for Renyi entropy of arbitrary index n, in interacting quantum systems at finite-temperature critical points, using high-temperature expansion, quantum Monte Carlo simulations and scaling theory. We find that, for n>1, the critical behavior is manifest at two temperatures Tc and nTc. For the XXZ model with Ising anisotropy, the coefficient of the area law has a tln⁡t singularity, whereas the subleading correction from corners has a logarithmic divergence, with a coefficient related to the exact results of Cardy and Peschel. For T<nTc there is a constant term associated with broken symmetries that jumps at both Tc and nTc, which can be understood in terms of a scaling function analogous to the boundary entropy of Affleck and Ludwig.
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