Publication: He-4 Luttinger Liquid in Nanopores

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Title He-4 Luttinger Liquid in Nanopores
Authors/Editors* Adrian Del Maestro, Massimo Boninsegni, Ian Affleck
Where published* Physical Review Letters
How published* Journal
Year* 2011
Volume 106
Pages 105303
Publisher American Physical Soceity
We study the low-temperature properties of a 4He fluid confined in nanopores, using large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations with realistic He-He and He-pore interactions. In the narrow-pore limit, the system can be described by the quantum hydrodynamic theory known as Luttinger liquid theory with a large Luttinger parameter, corresponding to the dominance of solid tendencies and strong susceptibility to pinning by a periodic or random potential from the pore walls. On the other hand, for wider pores, the central region appears to behave like a Luttinger liquid with a smaller Luttinger parameter, and may be protected from pinning by the wall potential, offering the possibility of experimental detection of a Luttinger liquid.
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