Publication: High Performance Medical Image Registration Using New Optimization Techniques

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Title High Performance Medical Image Registration Using New Optimization Techniques
Authors/Editors* M. P. Wachowiak, T. M. Peters
Where published* IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine
How published* Journal
Year* 2006
Volume 10
Number 2
Pages 344-353
Keywords DIviding RECTangles (DIRECT), medical image registration, multidirectional search (MDS), optimization, parallel computing
Optimization of a similarity metric is an essential component in intensity-based medical image registration. The increasing availability of parallel computers makes parallelizing some registration tasks an attractive option to increase speed. In this paper, two new deterministic, derivative-free, and intrinsically parallel optimization methods are adapted for image registration. DIviding RECTangles (DIRECT) is a global technique for linearly bounded problems, and multidirectional search (MDS) is a recent local method. The performance of DIRECT, MDS, and hybrid methods using a parallel implementation of Powell’s method for local refinement, are compared. Experimental results demonstrate that DIRECT and MDS are robust, accurate, and substantially reduce computation time in parallel implementations.
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