Publication: Update of spherical Bessel transform: FFTW and OpenMp

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Title Update of spherical Bessel transform: FFTW and OpenMp
Authors/Editors* P., Koval, J. Talman
Where published* Computer Physics Communications
How published* Journal
Year* 2010
Volume 181
Pages 2212-2213
Publisher Elsevier
Keywords spherical Bessel transform, Shared memory allocation, FFT
We present an update of spherical Bessel transform subroutines. The update makes use of the widely available FFTW library for performing necessary fast Fourier transforms. Moreover, the update is prepared for shared memory OpenMP parallelization that is popular on multi-core processors. Furthermore, the updated version uses the module concept to achieve a better control over the memory allocation/deallocation, which also contributes to the performance of the updated package.
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