Publication: Large-Eddy Simulation of a Spatially Developing Compressible Jet

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Title Large-Eddy Simulation of a Spatially Developing Compressible Jet
Authors/Editors* P. Ziade and C.B. Devaud
Where published* Canadian Section of the Combustion Institute
How published* Proceedings
Year* 2010
This study investigates the behaviour of a spatially-developing round jet at a Reynolds number of 9:5x104 using Large-Eddy Simulation (LES). In particular, the centerline velocity decay, velocity profiles, and several turbulence parameters are analyzed. The Favre-filtered Navier-Stokes equations are solved over a physical time of 2ms. The jet, having not yet reached self-similarity, displays behaviour that is approaching expected experimental trends. The centerline velocity remains constant over a potential core region and then decays linearly. Velocity profiles are approaching self-similarity with the profile curves almost overlapping onto each other. Coherent structures in the jet are clearly defined along the transient region. It is expected that the final results will agree well with experiment once all the numerical data has been acquired after further simulation and the jet has fully developed. This work is presently being undertaken. The results in this paper are the first step in achieving the long-term objective of predicting the autoignition of a methane jet using LES and Conditional Moment Closure (CMC).
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