Publication: The drying of Sludge in a Pneumatic Dryer using Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Title The drying of Sludge in a Pneumatic Dryer using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Authors/Editors* Tarek Jamaleddine, Madhumita Ray
Where published* Drying Technology
How published* Journal
Year* 2010
A control-volume based technique implemented in FLUENT CFD package was applied along with the kinetic theory of granular flow (KTGF) to simulate the flow pattern and heat- and mass-transfer processes for wet PVC and sludge material in a large-scale pneumatic dryer. User-defined subroutines were added to extend FLUENT capability to account for mixture properties and to simulate the drying rate for surface moisture evaporation. The convective heat- and mass-transfer coefficients were modeled using published correlations for Nusselt and Sherwood number. Initially, the model was validated against experimental data in the open literature for PVC particles. Sensitivity analysis was conducted to determine the effect of gas phase velocity and temperature on the final product outcome. In addition, mixture inlet conditions such as the particle moisture content and gas turbulent intensity were also examined. The model showed high sensitivity to the turbulent conditions at the mixture inlet for the gas phase, and high turbulent intensities were needed to disperse the particulate phase in the dryer reasonably well. The numerical model demonstrated the successful implementation of commercial CFD code with user-defined heat- and mass-transfer models for complex multiphase flows
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