Publication: Analytical Solution of Flow of Gelling Solutions in Porous Media

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Title Analytical Solution of Flow of Gelling Solutions in Porous Media
Authors/Editors* T. Bolisetti, S. Reitsma and R.Balachandar
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 34
Number L24401
Publisher American Geophysical Union
Keywords Chemical grouting, analytical solution
Chemical grouts are polymer solutions that form gel when reacted with cross-linkers. These gelling liquids are injected into porous media for geotechnical applications such as soil improvement; geoenvironmental (environmental containment) applications and secondary petroleum recovery applications. The polymer solutions and cross-linkers when injected into porous media react at a predefined time to form gels, usually referred to as gel time. The formation of gels modifies the porous media hydraulic conductivity. In the present study, an analytical solution is developed to obtain the pressures required to inject a gelling solution. While considering the effect of advection, it is assumed that the dispersion does not affect gelation and hence the grout injection. The analytical solution has applications in analyzing the problems, such as effects of gelation time, ratio of gelation time to injection time and verifying the numerical models that simulate flow and transport of solutions with time varying viscosity.
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