Publication: Boundary slip from the immersed-boundary lattice Boltzmann models

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Title Boundary slip from the immersed-boundary lattice Boltzmann models
Authors/Editors* G. Le and J Zhang
Where published* Physical Review E
How published* Journal
Year* 2009
Volume 79
Number 2
Pages 026701
Publisher APS
We report an interesting and important observation of the velocity fields from immersed boundary lattice Boltzmann methods IB-LBM. The computed velocity profiles can deviate from theoretical predictions greatly even for very simple flow situations, both in the immersed boundary layer and the bulk region. A rigorous analysis of the IB-LBM simulated velocity for a symmetric shear flow is carried out, and the analytical solutions indicate a strong dependence of velocity on the relaxation parameter kinetic viscosity. Also our simulations demonstrate that simply increasing the immersed boundary layer thickness is not an efficient approach to reduce such velocity discrepancy. We hope this work will bring the awareness of this essential issue to people using IB-LBM for various flow situations.
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