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Title Dark Universe
Authors/Editors* John Dubinski, John Farah, Hugh Couchman
Where published* on web
How published* Other
Year* 2007
Keywords Cosmology; Dark Matter; Simulation
About 14 billion years ago, the universe began in a Big Bang creating energy in the form of ordinary matter plus the mysterious dark matter and dark energy. The rapid inflationary expansion of the universe caused the matter to cool and synthesize the nuclei of atoms in the form of hydrogen and helium. The dark matter was spread out evenly but the patterns of the seething quantum foam that existed at the instant of creation remained like scattered ripples on the surface of a frozen pond. Gravity took hold of these perturbations and caused them to collapse into halos of dark matter that became the seeds of the galaxies. Dark Universe presents a journey through a cosmological dark matter simulation over a distance of 600 million light years during the 14 billion year lifespan of the universe. We render the gravitational evolution of more than 1 billion particles representing the dark matter in a cubic volume of a simulated universe based on the current values of the cosmological parameters describing the initial state of the universe. In exquisite detail, we witness the hierarchical collapse of dark matter into halos and the intersecting filamentary patterns of the large-scale structure. SUBMITTED TO SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer animation Festival (declined)
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