Publication: SC-Expressions in Object-Oriented Languages

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Title SC-Expressions in Object-Oriented Languages
Authors/Editors* Sheng Yu, Qing Zhao
Where published* International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science
How published* Journal
Year* 2007
Volume 18
Number 6
Pages 1441-1452
Keywords parallel object-oriented languages, SC-expressions
In this paper, SC-expressions are developed, based on automata theory, for specifying synchronization constraints in parallel object-oriented languages. The predecessor of SC-expressions, the synchronization expressions, was was introduced in the ParC parallel programming language in the early nineties. However, ParC is not an object-oriented language and also are inadequate for object-oriented languages. SC-expressions are developed for object-oriented environment. They are different from synchronization expressions in basic ideas and assumptions. Here we describe the basic ideas of SC-expressions and their applications in object-oriented languages. We also study the problem of inheritance of the SC-expressions.
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