Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2001

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
1. An old visit revisited 2001 P. Sawyer Mathematics
2. The central limit theorem on SO_0(p,q)/SO(p) x SO(q) 2001 P. Sawyer Mathematics
3. On exact inference for change in a Poisson sequence 2001 H. Boudjellaba, B. McGibbon, P. Sawyer Mathematics
4. The asymptotic expansion of spherical functions on symmetric cones. 2001 P. Sawyer Mathematics
5. Parallel Processing for 2-1/2 D Machining Simulation 2001 Spence, A.D., Li, Z. Computational Design and Manufacturing
6. Fragile-to-strong transition and polyamorphism in the energy landscape of liquid silica 2001 I. Saika-Voivod, P.H. Poole, F. Sciortino Materials Simulations
7. Computer simulations of liquid silica: Equation of state and liquid-liquid phase transition 2001 I. Saika-Voivod, F. Sciortino, P.H. Poole Materials Simulations
8. Black-Scholes goes hypergeometric 2001 C. Albanese, G. Campolieti. P. Carr, A. Lipton Mathematics
9. Structure of the human 3alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 3 in complex with testosterone and NADP at 1.25-A resolution 2001 Nahoum V, Gangloff A, Legrand P, Zhu DW, Cantin L, Zhorov BS, Luu-The V, Labrie F, Breton R, Lin SX Biophysics
10. Homology model of dihydropyridine receptor: implications for L-type Ca(2+) channel modulation by agonists and antagonists 2001 Zhorov BS, Folkman EV, Ananthanarayanan VS. Biophysics
11. Bound state properties and muon sticking probabilities for the $S(L = 0)-$states in non-symmetric muonic molecular ions 2001 Alexei M. Frolov Physics
12. “Stability of Flow in a Converging-Diverging Channel” 2001 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
13. Interface Deformation Effects Associated with Thermocapillary Convection 2001 Y.Jiang and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
14. “Stability and Control of Shear Layers in the Presence of Distributed Surface Suction” 2001 J.M.Floryan and K.Yamamoto Fluid Mechanics
15. Instability of Boundary Layer Associated with Surface Suction 2001 J.M.Floryan, P.J.D.Roberts, G.Casalis and D.Arnal Fluid Mechanics
16. Enhanced Heat Transfer for Microturbine Recuperators” 2001 B.E.Thompson, J.M.Floryan, S.Osgood and R.Nolan. Fluid Mechanics
17. Instability of Boundary Layer in the Presence of Weak Distributed Surface Suction 2001 J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
18. Boundary Layers Instability Induced by Wall Suction” 2001 P.J.D. Roberts, J.M.Floryan, G.Casalis and D.Arnal Fluid Mechanics
19. Marangoni Instability in a Finite Container – Transition between Short and Long Wavelength Modes 2001 L. Czechowski and J.M. Floryan. ASME Fluid Mechanics
20. Numerical Simulation of Flows over Corrugated Walls 2001 A.Cabal, J.Szumbarski and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics