Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2008

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161. Binding Energies of the Silver Ion to Alcohols and Amides: A Theoretical and Experimental Study 2008 Vladimir Romanov, Chi-Kit Siu, Udo H. Verkerka, Houssain El Aribib, Alan C. Hopkinson, K.W. Michael Siu Computational Chemistry
162. Equilibrium exchange enhances the convergence rate of umbrella sampling 2008 C. Neale, T. Rodinger, R. Pomès Biophysics
163. Spectroscopic, Electrochemical and Computational Aspects of the Charge Distribution in Ru(acac)2(R-o-benzoquinonediimine) Complexes 2008 Daria Kalinina, Christopher Dares, Harini Kaluarachchi, Pierre G. Potvin and A. B. P. Lever Inorganic Chemistry
164. Dipositively Charged Protonated a3 and a2 Ions: Generation by Fragmentation of [La(GGG)(CH3CN)2]3 2008 Tujin Shi, Chi-Kit Siu, K. W. Michael Siu, and Alan C. Hopkinson Computational Chemistry
165. Dissociations of Copper(II)-Containing Complexes of Aromatic Amino Acids: Radical Cations of Tryptophan, Tyrosine, and Phenylalanine 2008 Chi-Kit Siu, Yuyong Ke, Yuzhu Guo, Alan C. Hopkinson, and K. W. Michael Siu Computational Chemistry
166. A computational study of external shear forces in biofilm clusters 2008 J. Xu, R. Sudarsan, G.A. Darlington, H.J. Eberl Mathematical Biology
167. Existence and longtime behavior of a biofilm model 2008 M.A. Efendiev, H.J. Eberl, S.V. Zelik Mathematical Biology
168. Evidence for Hydroxyl Radical Generation During Lipid (Linoleate) Peroxidation 2008 M. Frenette, J.C. Scaiano Computational Chemistry
169. Parallel lossless data compression using the Burrows-Wheeler Transform 2008 J. Gilchrist and A. Cuhadar Image Processing
170. GeConT 2: gene context analysis for orthologous proteins, conserved domains and metabolic pathways 2008 CE Martinez-Guerrero, R Ciria, C Abreu-Goodger, G Moreno-Hagelsieb and E Merino Computational Biology, Systems Biology
171. Flat-structural motives in small alumino−carbon clusters C<sub>n</sub>Al<sub>m</sub> (n = 2−3, m = 2−8) 2008 Fedor Y. Naumkin Computational Chemistry
172. Nucleation of NaCl Nanoparticles in Supercritical Water: Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2008 I.G. Nahtigal, A.Y. Zasetsky, I.M. Svishchev Chemical Physics
173. Validation of Dynamic Models for an Air-Cooled CPU Chip Cooling Device 2008 R. Zhang, C. Zhang and J. Jiang Computational Chemistry Fluid Dynamics
174. A New Approach for Direct Solution of 2D Heat Transfer Problems in Frequency Domain with Dynamic Boundary Conditions 2008 R. Zhang, C. Zhang and J. Jiang Fluid Dynamics
175. Performance limitations from delay in human and mechanical motor control 2008 J. Wu, D. Beamish, S. Bhatti, Z. Jing Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
176. Identification of Transport Parameters for the Physically Based Contaminant Transport Model with Spatially and Temporally Varying Recharge 2008 Y. Yin, J.F. Sykes, S.D. Normani Environmental Modelling and Analysis
177. Shape and orientation of stellar velocity ellipsoids in spiral galaxies 2008 E. I. Vorobyov, Ch. Theis Astrophysics
178. MASS ACCRETION RATES IN SELF-REGULATED DISKS OF T TAURI STARS 2008 E. I. Vorobyov, Shantanu Basu Astrophysics
179. Magic Labelings on Cycles and Wheels 2008 A. Baker, J. Sawada Computing Science
180. Prediction of Binding Free Energy for Adsorption of Antimicrobial Peptide Lactoferricin B on POPC Membrane 2008 V.Vivcharuk,B.Tomberli,I.S.Tolokh,C.G.Gray Biophysics