Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2006

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
141. How Much Do Computer Scientists Really Collaborate? 2006 Angela C. Sodan Job Scheduling And Adaptive Middleware
142. Phase-Field Crystals with Elastic Interactions 2006 Peter Stefanovic, Mikko Haataja, and Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
143. Manipulation of Instabilities using Distributed Suction” 2006 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
144. A Direct Method for Determination of the Effects of Surface Topography on the Electric Field and Fluid Flow Distributions between Parallel Plates 2006 J.M.Floryan and K Adamiak Fluid Mechanics
145. Boundary element model for break up of a free conducting droplet in the electric field 2006 K.Adamiak and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
146. On the modulation of Poiseuille flow using distributed wall suction 2006 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
147. Immersed boundary conditions method for the direct numerical simulations of flows in rough channels” 2006 S.Z.Hussain and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
148. Finite-Difference 4th-order Compact Scheme for the Direct Numerical Simulation of Dynamics of Shear Layers 2006 Y.Jiang and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
149. Numerical simulation of back step flow 2006 A. Mihaiescu, H. Hangan, A. Straatman anf J. M. Floryan Fluid Mechanics
150. Influence of 2D roughness on the linear instability of plane channel flow” 2006 M.Asai, J.M.Floryan and Y.Maeda Fluid Mechanics
151. Flow Management Using Natural Instabilities 2006 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
152. Transient Disturbance Growth in a Corrugated Channel 2006 J.Szumbarski and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
153. Experiments on the Linear Instability of Flow in a Wavy Channel 2006 M.Asai and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
154. Thermocapillary Effects in Systems with Variable Liquid Mass Exposed to Concentrated Heating 2006 M.El-Gammal and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
155. Modelling the role of paper microstructure in electrophotography 2006 Chaohui Tong, Tao Wu, Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
156. Phase-field simulations of velocity selection in rapidly solidified binary alloys 2006 J Fan, M Greenwood, M Haataja Materials Simulations
157. Modeling the Role of Paper Microstructure in Electrophotography 2006 Chaohui Tong, Tao Wu, Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
158. The development of thermal periodic boundary condition for spatially periodic flows 2006 S. A. M. Karimian, A. G. Straatman Fluid Mechanics
159. Numerical simulation of backstep flow 2006 A. Mihaiescu, H. Hangan, A. G. Straatman, J. M. Floryan Fluid Mechanics
160. A comparison of periodic boundary conditions for computing fully-developed square duct flow using LES 2006 F. Bahramian, A. G. Straatman Fluid Mechanics