Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2004

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
121. Linear Feedback Stabilization of Laminar Vortex Shedding Based on a Point Vortex Model 2004 B. Protas Fluid Dynamics
122. Adaptive LES of 3D decaying isotropic turbulence 2004 D. Goldstein, O. Vasilyev, N. Kevlahan Fluid Mechanics
123. Suppression of 3D flow instabilities in tightly packed tube bundles 2004 N. Kevlahan, J. Simon, N. Tonnet, J. Wadsley Fluid Mechanics Astrophysics
124. A three-dimensional adaptive wavelet method for fluid-structure interaction 2004 N. Kevlahan, O. Vasilyev, D. Goldstein, A. Jay Fluid Mechanics
125. Lubricants under high local pressure: Liquids act like solids 2004 M. H. Muser Molecular Simulation
126. Phase diagram of silica from computer simulation 2004 I. Saika-Voivod, F. Sciortino, T. Grande, and P.H. Poole Materials Simulations
127. Effect of bond lifetime on the dynamics of a short-range attractive colloidal system 2004 I. Saika-Voivod, E. Zaccarelli, F. Sciortino, S.V. Buldyrev, and P. Tartaglia Materials Simulations
128. Parallel Compression with BZIP2 2004 Jeff Gilchrist Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
129. Multicanonical basin hopping: A new global optimization method for complex systems 2004 Lixin Zhan, Bart Piwowar, Wing-Ki Liu, P. J. Hsu, S. K. Lai, Jeff Z. Y. Chen Physics Biophysics
130. On the performance of parallel implementation of an ADI scheme for parabolic equations with mixed derivatives using multithreads and MPI 2004 B. Ge High Performance Computing
131. An Enhanced C/C++ and FORTRAN API to POSIX Threads 2004 B. Ge High Performance Computing
132. Long-range interactions for hydrogen molecular ions 2004 J-Y Zhang, Z-C Yan Theoretical atomic and molecular physics
133. Nuclear charge radii of 8,9Li determined by laser spectroscopy 2004 Z-C Yan , et al Theoretical atomic and molecular physics
134. Energies of the hydrogen molecular ions in high-angular-momentum states 2004 Z-C Yan , J-Y Zhang Theoretical atomic and molecular physics
135. Structural lubricity: Role of dimension and symmetry 2004 M. H. Muser Molecular Simulation
136. Inequivalent Hadamard matrices with Buckets 2004 I. Kotsireas C. Koukouvinos Computer Algebra
137. Inequivalent Hadamard matrices via indicator functions 2004 I. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos and M.P. Rogantin Computer Algebra
138. Critical Current Peaks at Three Times the Matching Field in Superconductors with Columnar Defects: Recrystalizing the Interstitial Glass 2004 M. E. Gallamore, G. E. D. McCormack, and T. P. Devereaux Condensed Matter Physics
139. On the irreversibility of the pressure-induced phase transition of quartz and the relation between three hypothetical post-quartz phases 2004 C. Campana, M. H. Muser, J. S. Tse, D. Herzbach, and P. Schoffel Molecular Simulation Condensed Matter Physics
140. Dr. 2004 Z Yang, T K Woo, and K Hermansson Computational Chemistry