Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2007

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
101. Using the Phase Field Crystal Method in Multi-Scale Modeling of Microstructure Evolution 2007 5. Nikolas Provatas*, Jonathan Dantzig*, Badrinarayan P. Athreya, P. Chan, Peter Stefanovic, Nigel Goldenfeld and Ken Elder Materials Simulations
102. Classical Density Functional Theory and Phase Field Crystal Modeling 2007 6. Ken Elder*, Nikolas Provatas*, Joel Berry, Peter Stefanovic and Martin Grant Materials Simulations
103. Adaptive mesh computation of polycrystalline pattern formation using a coarse-grained approximation to the phase-field crystal model 2007 4. Badrinarayan P. Athreya, Nigel Goldenfeld*, Jonathan A. Dantzig, Michael Greenwood, and Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
104. Quantitative Phase-field Phase Field Simulations of solidification of Binary Alloys with Non-Linear Phase Coexistence Curves 2007 1. Chaohui Tong and Nikolas Provatas Materials Simulations
105. A parallel implementation of the Dynamically Dimensioned Search (DDS) algorithm 2007 Tolson, B. A., Sharma, V. and Swayne, D. Environmental Modelling and Analysis
106. A counterexample to the dominating set conjecture 2007 Antoine Deza, Gabriel Indik High Performance Computing
107. Immersed Boundary Conditions Method for Stokes Flow through Rough Channels 2007 S.Z.Hussain and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
108. Impacts of peat and vegetation on permafrost degradation under climate warming. 2007 Shuhua Yi, Ming-ko Woo and M. Altaf Arain Atmospheric Sciences
109. Three-Dimensional Instabilities of Laminar Flow in a Rough Channel and the Concept of Hydraulically Smooth Wall 2007 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
110. “Effects of streamwise-periodic wall transpiration on turbulent friction drag” 2007 M.Quadrio, J.M.Floryan and P.Luchini Fluid Mechanics
111. “Immersed Boundary Conditions Method for Unsteady Flow Problems described by the Laplace Operator” 2007 S.Z.Husain and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
112. Cosmic Necklaces from String Theory 2007 Louis Leblond and Mark Wyman Cosmology
113. Monte Carlo Simulations of a model ultra-thin magnetic bilayer 2007 Dr Tingxi Tan and A.B. MacIsaac Condensed Matter Physics
114. Elucidating the contact mechanics of aluminum silicon surfaces with Green's function molecular dynamics 2007 C. Campana, M. H. Müser, C. Denniston, Y. Qi, and T. A. Perry Molecular Simulation Condensed Matter Physics
115. Properties and hyperfine structure of the beryllium-muonic atoms 2007 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Molecular Simulation
116. Concurrent Error Detection in Finite Field Arithmetic Operations Using Pipelined and Systolic Architectures 2007 S. Bayat-Sarmadi and M. A. Hasan VLSI
117. Population genetics without intraspecific data. 2007 Thorne JL, Choi SC, Yu J, Higgs PG, Kishino H. Biophysics
118. A Step Toward Barcoding Life: A Model-Based, Decision-Theoretic Method to Assign Genes to Preexisting Species Groups 2007 Z.Abdo and B. Golding Computational Biology
119. Numerical modelling of negative corona discharge in oxygen under different pressures 2007 J. Zhang, K. Adamiak, G.S.P. Castle Computational Electromagnetics
120. A multispecies DC stationary model for negative corona discharge in oxygen: point plane configuration 2007 J, Zhang, K. Adamiak Computational Electromagnetics