Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2007

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
81. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Parallel Symbolic Computation 2007 2007 Marc Moreno Maza and Stephen Watt Computer Algebra
82. Spectroscopic and Theoretical Properties of a Porphyrin-Like Helicene 2007 C. Magee Bioinorganic chemistry
83. Exitations of atomic fragments during exothermic $(n;q)-$reactions of light atoms with neutrons 2007 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Physics
84. Highly accurate evaluation of the singular properties for the positronium and hydrogen negative ions 2007 Alexei M Frolov Physics
85. Annihilation of the electron-positron pairs in polyelectrons 2007 Alexei M Frolov and Farrukh A Chishtie Physics
86. Properties and hyperfine structure of the beryllium-muonic atoms 2007 Alexei M Frolov and David M Wardlaw Physics
87. The Validity of Conscientiousness in the Presence of Faking 2007 S. Komar, D. J. Brown, J. A. Komar, C. Robie Statistical Simulation
88. A new method for encoding structure for text classification 2007 J Fishbein, C Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
89. Item-specific adaptation and the conflict-monitoring hypothesis: A computational model 2007 C. Blais, S. Robidoux, E. Risko, D. Besner Psycholinguistics
90. Surface-Assisted Assembly of an Ionic-Complementary Peptide: Controllable Growth of Nanofibers 2007 Hong Yang, Shan-Yu Fung, Mark Pritzker, Pu Chen* Chemical Engineering
91. Neural populations can induce reliable postsynaptic currents without observable spike rate changes or precise spike timing. 2007 B.Tripp, C. Eliasmith Computational Neuroscience
92. Synthesis and characterization of a new fluorescent probe for reactive oxygen species 2007 Belinda Heyne, Chad Beddie and J. C. Scaiano Computational Chemistry
93. Long wave expansions for water waves over random topography 2007 A. deBouard, W. Craig, O. Diaz-Espinosa, P. Guyenne & C. Sulem Mathematics
94. Hamiltonian formulation and long wave models for internal waves 2007 W. Craig, P. Guyenne & H. Kalisch Mathematics
95. Structure of a horizontal rectangular surface jet 2007 Savory E, Naqavi I Z, Martinuzzi R J, Gurka R Fluid Mechanics
96. Link between turbulence production and surface current 2007 Martinuzzi R J, Naqavi I Z, Savory E, Gurka R Fluid Mechanics
97. A theoretical model for microstructure evolution in magnetic shape memory alloys during martensitic transformations 2007 J. Su, V. Stoilov Materials Simulations
98. Microstructure Evolution of AlSi Nano-Composite Under Shear Load 2007 L. Inci, S. Tavoosfard, V. Stoilov Materials Simulations
99. A germanium(II)-centered dication 2007 P. A. Rupar, V. N. Staroverov, P. J. Ragogna, and K. M. Baines, Computational Chemistry
100. Individual Perceptions of the Criminal Justice System 2007 L. Lochner Applied Econometrics