Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2005

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
81. Comparison of model potentials for molecular dynamics simulations of silica 2005 D. Herzbach, K. Binder, and M. H. Müser Molecular Simulation
82. Energy dissipation via quantum chemical hysteresis during high-pressure compression: A first-principles molecular dynamics study of phosphates 2005 N. J. Mosey, T. K. Woo, and M. H. Müser Molecular Simulation Computational Chemistry
83. Parallel lattice implementation for option pricing under mixed state-dependent volatility models 2005 G. Campolieti and R. Makarov Computational Finance
84. Block-diagonalization of the symmetric first-order coupled-mode system 2005 Marina Chugunova and Dmitry Pelinovsky Mathematics
85. Asynchronous multicanonical basin hopping method and its application to cobalt nanoclusters 2005 L. X. Zhan, J. Z. Y. Chen, W.-K. Liu and S.K. Lai Soft Matter Physics
86. Smectic ordering of homogeneous semiflexible polymers 2005 R. C. Hidalgo, D. E. Sullivan, and J. Z. Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
87. Diffusion-controlled first contact of the ends of a polymer: crossover between two scaling regimes 2005 J. Z. Y. Chen, H.-K. Tsao, and Y.J. Sheng Soft Matter Physics
88. Model for wormlike polymers confined between hard walls 2005 J. Z. Y. Chen, D. E. Sullivan and X. Yuan Soft Matter Physics
89. A Fully Parallel Implementation of a Scalable Hopfield Neural Network on the SHARC-NET Supercomputer 2005 Edward R. Sykes, Alexander Mirkovic Scientific Computing
90. ScoPred—Scalable User-Directed Performance Prediction Using Complexity Modeling and Historical Data 2005 Benjamin Lafreniere, Angela C. Sodan Job Scheduling And Adaptive Middleware
91. The Origin of Episodic Accretion Bursts in the Early Stages of Star Formation 2005 E. I. Vorobyov, S. Basu Interstellar Matter
92. Network Performance in High Performance Linux Clusters 2005 Ben Huang, Michael Bauer, Michael Katchabaw Distributed Systems
93. Network Performance in Distributed HPC Clusters 2005 Ben Huang, Michael Bauer, Michael Katchabaw Distributed Systems
94. CVS and SCALES simulation of 3-D isotropic turbulence 2005 D. Goldstein, O.V. Vasilyev, N. K.-R. Kevlahan Fluid Mechanics
95. Blue Stragglers as Stellar Collision Products: The Angular Momentum Question 2005 Alison Sills, Tim Adams, Melvyn Davies Astrophysics
96. Simulations of Stellar Collisions Involving Pre-Main Sequence Stars 2005 Dan Laycock, Alison Sills Astrophysics
97. The Mechanism of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Cyclopropanes and Nitrones: A Theoretical Study 2005 Wanapun, D., Van Gorp, K.A., Mosey, N.J., Kerr, M.A., Woo, T.K. Computational Chemistry
98. Molecular Mechanisms of Anti-Wear Pad Formation and Functionality 2005 Mosey, N.J., Müser, M., Woo, T.K. Computational Chemistry
99. Mechanism of Wear Inhibition by ZDDP Lubricant Additives - Insights from Molecular Scale Simulations 2005 Mosey, N.J., Woo, T.K., Müser, M. Computational Chemistry
100. Rational Design of New Anti-Wear Additives for Engine Lubricants through Molecular Simulation 2005 Mosey, N.J., Woo, T.K., Müser, M. Computational Chemistry