Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2004

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
81. Critical behavior of number-conserving cellular automata 2004 H. Fukś Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
82. The orientations of core antenna chlorophylls in photosytem II are optimized to maximize the quantum yield of photosynthesis 2004 S. Vasil Biophysics
83. ATOP - Space and Time Adaptation for Parallel and Grid Applications vis Flexible Data Partitioning 2004 Angela C. Sodan and Lin Han Job Scheduling And Adaptive Middleware
84. Bethe logarithm for the helium atom 2004 V.I. Korobov Physics
85. Bethe logarithm for the hydrogen molecular ion HD+ 2004 V.I. Korobov Physics
86. High precision variational calculations for H2+ 2004 M. M. Cassar, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
87. Helium, relativity, and QED 2004 G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
88. The 2S(1/2)-2P(1/2) lamb shift in He+ 2004 U. D. Jentschura, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
89. A multiscale finite element method for solving rough-surface elastic contact problems 2004 Y. Yao, M. Schlesinger, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
90. Nuclear charge radii of 8,9Li determined by laser spectroscopy 2004 G. Ewald, W. Nörtershäuser, A. Dax, S. Götte, R. Kirchner, H.-J. Kluge, Th. Kühl, R. Sanchez, A. Wojtaszek, B. A. Bushaw, G. W. Drake, Z.-C. Yan, and C. Zimmermann Theoretical Physics
91. Laser spectroscopic determination of the 6He nuclear charge radius 2004 L.B. Wang, P. Mueller, K. Bailey, G.W.F. Drake, J.P. Greene, D. Henderson, R.J. Holt, R.V.F. Janssens, C.L. Jiang, Z.-T. Lu, T.P. O Theoretical Physics
92. The isomerization of [H2O-CO]•+ and [HC(=O)OH ]•+ into [HO-C-OH]•+: proton-transport catalysis by CO 2004 C.Y. Wong, P.C. Burgers, P.J.A. Ruttink, J.K. Terlouw Computational Chemistry
93. The ionic isomerization [HCOH]•+ → [CH2=O]•+ : Proton-transport catalysis by CO and CO2 2004 C.Y. Wong, P.C. Burgers, P.J.A. Ruttink, J.K. Terlouw Computational Chemistry
94. Protonated silanoic acid HSi(OH)2+ and its neutral counterpart : a tandem mass spectrometric and CBS-QB3 computational study 2004 R. Srikanth, K. Banuprakash, R. Srinivas, C.Y. Wong, J.K. Terlouw Computational Chemistry
95. A new model for large amplitude long internal waves 2004 W. Craig, P. Guyenne, H. Kalisch Mathematics
96. First passage time of cyclization dynamics of a wormlike chain 2004 J.Z.Y. Chen, H.-K. Tsao, Y.J. Sheng Soft Matter Physics
97. Computer simulations of unfolding proteins in external fields 2004 A. Lemak, J.R. Lepock, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
98. Multi-canonical basin hopping: a new optimization method for complex systems 2004 L. Zhan, B. Piwowar, W.-K. Liu, P.J. Hsu, S.K. Lai, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics
99. Conformational conversion of proteins due to mutation 2004 H. Imamura, J.Z.Y. Chen Soft Matter Physics Computational Biology
100. Loop formation of a flexible polymer with two random reactive sites 2004 Y.-J. Sheng, H.J. Lin, J.Z.Y. Chen, H.K. Tsao Soft Matter Physics