Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2009

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
41. Quantum trajectory equation for multiple qubits in circuit QED: Generating entanglement by measurement 2009 C.L. Hutchison, J.M. Gambetta, A. Blais, F.K. Wilhelm Quantum Information Research
42. Optimal generation of Fock states in a weakly nonlinear oscillator 2009 B. Khani, J. M. Gambetta, F. Motzoi, F. K. Wilhelm Quantum Information Research
43. Multi-ethnic genetic association study of carotid intima-media thickness using a targeted cardiovascular SNP microarray. 2009 Lanktree MB, Hegele RA, Yusuf S, Anand SS, and the SHARE investigators Genetic Linkage Analysis
44. Recent arrival of faint cluster galaxies on the red sequence 2009 T. Lu, D. Gilbank, M. Balogh, A. Bognat Galaxy Formation
45. Predictions of the Fluorine NMR Chemical Shifts of Perfluorinated Carboxcylic Acids, CnF2n+1COOH )n=6-8) 2009 Z. Liu, J.D. Goddard Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
46. In Situ PM-IRRAS Studies of an Archea Analogue Thiolipid Assembled on a Au(111) Electrone Surface. 2009 J. Leitch, J. Kunze, J. D. Goddard, A.L. Schwan, R.J. Faragher, R. Naumann, W. Knoll, J.R. Dutcher, J. Lipkowski Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
47. A Relative Approach for Determining Ring Strain Energies of Heterobicyclic Alkenes. 2009 J. Howell, J.D. Goddard, W.Tam Computational And Theoretical Chemistry
48. A Parallel Scatter Search for Performing Data Partitioning 2009 M. Walton, G. Grewal, W. Dobosiewicz Computer Aided Design, Micro/Nano Electronics
49. Solving the chicken and egg problem of letter detection and fixation duration in reading 2009 Roy-Charland, A., Saint-Aubin, J., Lawrence, M. A. & Klein, R. M. Human Information Processing
50. A method for determining the effective transport coefficients of composite solid oxide fuel cell electrodes 2009 H.-W. Choi, B. Kenney, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
51. Transport phenomena in the porous micro-structures of fuel-cell electrodes 2009 H.-W. Choi, D. Blore, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale, D.H. Jeon Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
52. Effective transport coefficients for porous microstructures in solid oxide fuel cells 2009 H.-W. Choi, A. Berson, B. Kenney, J.G. Pharoah, S.B. Beale, K. Karan Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy Systems, Fuel Cells
53. MDS and near-MDS self-dual codes over large prime fields 2009 Kotsireas, Ilias S.; Koukouvinos, Christos; Simos, Dimitris E. Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
54. Simulating the evolution of an ethanol and gasoline source zone within the capillary fringe 2009 Yu, S. J.G. Freitas, A.J.A. Unger, J.F. Barker and J, Chatzis Computational Hydrology
55. Simulating the fate and transport of TCE from groundwater to indoor air 2009 Yu, S., A.J.A. Unger and B. Parker Computational Hydrology
56. Effect of strong correlations on the high energy anomaly in hole- and electron-doped high-Tc superconductors 2009 B. Moritz, F. Schmitt, W. Meevasana, S. Johnston, E. M. Motoyama, M. Greven, D. H. Lu, C. Kim, R. T. Scalettar, Z.-X. Shen, T. P. Devereaux Condensed Matter Physics
57. Nonlocal transport in the quantum spin Hall state 2009 A. Roth, C. Brüne, H. Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp, J. Maciejko, X. L. Qi, and S. C. Zhang Condensed Matter Physics
58. Energies for the high-L Rydberg states of helium: Asymptotic analysis 2009 R. El-Wazni, and GWF Drake Theoretical Physics
59. High-precision Penning trap mass measurements of Be-9,Be-10 and the one-neutron halo nuclide Be-11 2009 R. Ringlea, M. Brodeura, T. Brunnera, S. Ettenauera, M. Smith, A. Lapierre, V.L. Ryjkov, P. Delheij, G.W.F. Drake, J. Lassen, D. Lunney and J. Dilling Theoretical Physics
60. Nuclear Charge Radii of Be-7,Be-9,Be-10 and the One-Neutron Halo Nucleus Be-11 2009 W. Nörtershäuser, D. Tiedemann, M. Žáková, Z. Andjelkovic, K. Blaum, M. L. Bissell, R. Cazan, G. W. F. Drake, Ch. Geppert1, M. Kowalska, J. Krämer, A. Krieger, R. Neugart, R. Sánchez, F. Schmidt-Kaler, Z.-C. Yan, D. T. Yordanov, and C. Zimmermann Theoretical Physics