Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2008

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41. "Analysis of the Critical Step in Catalytic Carbodiimide Transformation: Proton Transfer from Amines, Phosphines, and Alkynes to Guanidinates, Phosphaguanidinates, and Propiolamidinates with Li and Al Catalysts" 2008 Rowley, C.N.; Ong, T.-G.; Priem, J.; Richeson, D.; Woo, T. K. Computational Chemistry
42. "DFT Study of the Isomerization and Spectroscopic/Structural Properties of Ruthenacyclobutane Intermediates Revelant to Olefin Metathesis" 2008 Rowley, C.N.; van der Eideb, E.F.; Piers, W.E.; Woo, T.K. Computational Chemistry
43. "Amidolithium and Amidoaluminum Catalyzed Synthesis of Substituted Guanidines: An Interplay of DFT Modeling and Experiment" 2008 Rowley, C.N.; Ong, T.-G.; Priem, J.; Woo, T. K.; Richeson, D. Computational Chemistry
44. "Atom Efficient Cyclotrimerization of Dimethylcyanamide Catalyzed by Aluminum Amide: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation" 2008 Dornan, P.; Rowley, C.N.; Priem, J.; Barry, S. T.; Woo, T. K. Richeson, D. Computational Chemistry
45. "A Path Sampling Study of Ru-Hydride Catalyzed H2-Hydrogenation of Ethylene" 2008 Rowley, C.N.;Woo, T.K. Computational Chemistry
46. Elastic contact between self-affine surfaces: comparison of numerical stress and contact correlation functions with analytic predictions 2008 Campana, Müser and Robbins Molecular Simulation
47. Cholesterol Shows Preference for the Interior of Polyunsaturated Lipid Membranes 2008 S. J. Marrink, A. H. de Vries, T. A. Harroun, J. Katsaras, S. R. Wassall Biophysics
48. First supernovae in dwarf protogalaxies 2008 E. O. Vasiliev, E. I. Vorobyov, Yu. A. Shchekinov Astrophysics
49. High threshold universal quantum computation on the surface code 2008 Austin G. Fowler, Ashley M. Stephens. P. Groszkowski Quantum computing, theoretical atomic physics
50. Anisotropic Triangular-Quadrilateral Mesh Adaptation for Low-Speed Incompressible Flow 2008 A. R. Baserinia and G.D. Stubley, Computational Fluid Dynamics
51. Temperature dependent vibrational spectra and bond dynamics in hydrogenated amorphous silicon 2008 I. M. Kupchak, F. Gaspari, A.I. Shkrebtii, and J. M. Perz Condensed Matter Physics
52. Quantum chaos and tunneling in the kicked top 2008 S. Ghose, C. R. Paul and R. Stock Quantum Information, Quantum Optics
53. Chaos, entanglement and decoherence in the quantum kicked top 2008 S. Ghose, R. Stock, P. Jessen, R. Lal and A. Silberfarb Quantum Information, Quantum Optics
54. Investigations of strong hydrogen bonding in (ROH)n-FHF- (n = 1, 2 and R = H, CH3, C2H5) clusters via high pressure mass spectrometry and quantum calculations. 2008 Nieckarz, R.J.; Oldridge, N.; Fridgen, T.D.; Li, G.P.; Hamilton, I.P.; McMahon, T.B. Computational Chemistry
55. Field effects on the electronic and spin properties of undoped and doped graphene nanodots 2008 H. Zheng, W. W. Duley Astrophysics
56. First principles study of edge chemical modifications in graphene nanodots 2008 H. Zheng W. W. Duley Astrophysics
57. Simulating hydromagnetic processes in star formation: introducing ambipolar diffusion into an adaptive mesh refinement code. 2008 Duffin, D.F., & Pudritz, R.E. Astrophysics
58. Resonances with unnatural parities in the positron-hydrogen system 2008 Z.-C. Yan, Y. K. Ho Theoretical atomic and molecular physics
59. High precision atomic theory for Li and Be$^+$: 2008 Z.-C. Yan, W. N\"ortersh\"auser, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical atomic and molecular physics
60. Exploring the Impact of Faking on Multi-Stage Selection Systems 2008 Komar, S., Brown, D., Robie, C. Statistical Simulation