Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2004

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
41. Analysis of Three-Dimensional Locking-free Curved Beam Element 2004 Z.H. Zhu, S.A. Meguid Simulation and Modeling
42. Noncentrosymmetric Lamellar Phase in ABCD Tetrablock Copolymers 2004 Karim M. Jaffer, Robert A. Wickham, An-Chang Shi Soft Matter Physics
43. Potassium, sodium, calcium and glutamate-gated channels: pore architecture and ligand action 2004 Zhorov BS, Tikhonov DB Biophysics
44. Theoretical study of interaction of winter flounder antifreeze protein with ice 2004 Jorov A, Zhorov BS, Yang DS Biophysics
45. The effect of thickness of delta-strained layers in the design of polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifiers 2004 M.S. Wartak, P. Weetman Condensed Matter Physics
46. Modulation bandwidth of semiconductor lasers based on coupled quantum wells 2004 M.S. Wartak, P. Weetman Condensed Matter Physics
47. Robust computational models of quantum transport in electronic devices 2004 A. Fedoseyev, A. Przekwas, M. Turowski, M.S. Wartak Condensed Matter Physics
48. On the differential gain in coupled quantum wells 2004 M.S. Wartak, P. Weetman Condensed Matter Physics
49. The Formation of a Realistic Disk Galaxy in $Lambda$-dominated Cosmologies 2004 Fabio Governatio, Lucio Mayer, James Wadsley, Jeff Gardner, Beth Willman, Eric Hayashi, Tom Quinn, Joachim Stadel, George Lake Astrophysics
50. The Evolution of Gravitationally Unstable Protoplanetary Disks: Fragmentation and Possible Gas Giant Formation 2004 Lucio Mayer, Tom Quinn, James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel Astrophysics
51. Numerical Mixing and Entropy Transport for Compressible CFD Applications 2004 James Wadsley, Gopi Veeravalli, Hugh Couchman Cosmology Astrophysics
52. Gasoline: A flexible, parallel implementation of TreeSPH 2004 James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel, Tom Quinn Astrophysics
53. Giant Planet Formation from Disk Instability; Cooling and Heating 2004 Lucio Mayer, James Wadsley, Tom Quinn, Joachim Stadel, Astrophysics
54. Functional Parallelization of a Land Surface Model in Regional Climate Modeling 2004 Vimal Sharma, David Swayne, David Lam, Murray MacKay,Wayne Rouse, William Schertzer High Performance Computing
55. A Spatially Parallel Implementation of a Lake and Land Surface Model Interaction with a Regional Climate Model 2004 David Swayne, Vimal Sharma, David Lam, Murray MacKay, Wayne Rouse, William Schertzer, Paul Huang High Performance Computing
56. Highly accurate evaluation of the auxiliary functions of the fourth order and five-body integrals 2004 Alexei M. Frolov Physics
57. Atomic and molecular three-body ions with positively charged muons 2004 Alexei M. Frolov Physics
58. Highly accurate evaluation of the few-body auxiliary functions and four-body integrals 2004 Alexei M. Frolov and David H. Bailey Physics
59. Comparison of $S=0$ and $S=1/2$ Impurities in the Haldane Chain Compound Y$_2$BaNiO$_5$ 2004 J. Das, A. V. Mahajan, J. Bobroff, H. Alloul, F. Alet, E. Sorensen Condensed Matter Physics
60. The Generic, Incommensurate Transition in the two-dimensional Boson Hubbard Model 2004 F. Alet, E. S. Sorensen Condensed Matter Physics