Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2008

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
281. Lateral diffusion in lipid membranes through collective flows 2008 E. Falck, T. Róg, M. Karttunen, I. Vattulainen Biophysics
282. Nonparametric Econometrics: A Primer 2008 J.S., Racine Statistical Simulation
283. Kondo Effect in Spin Chains 2008 Nicolas Laflorencie, Erik S. Sørensen, Ian Affleck Condensed Matter Physics
284. Prediction of Binding Free Energy for Adsorption of Antimicrobial Peptide Lactoferricin B on POPC Membrane 2008 V.Vivcharuk, B. Tomberli, I.S. Tolokh and C.G. Gray Biophysics
285. Detailed examination of transport coefficients in cubic-plus-quartic oscillator chains Oscillator Chains Oscillator Chains 2008 G.R. Lee-Dadswell, B.G. Nickel and C.G. Gray Biophysics
286. Synthesis of [F5SN(H)Xe][AsF6] and their Characterization by Mu,ti-NMR and Raman Spectroscopy, Electronic Structure Calculations and X-ray Crystallography 2008 G.L. Smith, H.P.A. Mercier, G.J. Schrobilgen Inorganic Chemistry
287. Toward an expanded oxygen atom transfer reactivity scale: Computational investigation of the energetics of oxo transfer reaction couples 2008 S C Lee, R H Holm Inorganic Chemistry
288. Faking and the Validity of Conscientiousness: A Monte Carlo Investigation 2008 S. Komar, D. J. Brown, J. A. Komar, C. Robie Statistical Simulation
289. Time and Space Adaptation for Computational Grids with the ATOP-Grid Middleware 2008 Angela C. Sodan, Garima Gupta, Lin Han, Benjamin Lafreniere, and Lun Liu Job Scheduling And Adaptive Middleware
290. R*(3,4)=17 2008 Pawel Pralat Random Graph Theory Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
291. Replacing the cholesterol hydroxyl group by the ketone group facilitates sterol flip-flop and promotes membrane fluidity 2008 Tomasz Róg, Lorna M. Stimson, Marta Pasekiewicz-Gierula, Ilpo Vattulainen, Mikko Karttunen Biophysics
292. Extended Hubbard model on a C_20 molecule 2008 Fei Lin, Erik Sorensen, Catherine Kallin, John Berlinsky Condensed Matter Physics
293. A note on small on-line Ramsey numbers for paths and their generalization 2008 Pawel Pralat Random Graph Theory Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
294. Partially Resolved Numerical Simulation and RANS Modeling of Flow and Passive Scalar Transport in an Urban Environment 2008 F.S. Lien, E. Yee, H. Ji, K.J. Hsieh Fluid Mechanics
295. The Robust Jarque-Bera Test 2008 Gel Yulia and Gastwirth Joseph Simulation and Modeling
296. Computing electrostatic interactions in soft matter: where are we now and what's ahead 2008 M. Karttunen, J. Rottler, I. Vattulainen, C. Sagui Biophysics
297. Stochastic algorithms with Hermite cubic spline interpolation for global estimation of solutions of boundary value problems 2008 Makarov, R.N. and Shkarupa, E.V. Computational Finance
298. Path integral pricing of Asian options on state dependent volatility models 2008 G. Campolieti and R. Makarov Computational Finance
299. An Assessment of Two Local A Posteriori Error Estimators for the Finite Element Method 2008 Ahmed H. ElSheikh, Samir E. Chidiac and W. Spencer Smith Software Engineering