Publications by SHARCNET researchers in 2011

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Title Published SHARCNET Authors Area
1. Effects of Cu Ions and Explicit Water Molecules on the Copper Binding Domain of Amyloid Precursor Protein APP(131–189): A Molecular Dynamics Study 2011 Qiang Wang, Nick H. Werstiuk, James R. Kramer, and Russell A. Bell Organic Chemistry
2. Density functional theory computational study on Diels–Alder reactions of cyclopentadiene with selected vinylsilanes and methylenecyclopropane 2011 Nick H. Werstiuk, Wojciech Sokol Organic Chemistry
3. Modelling defect-bonded chains produced by colloidal particles in a chloresteric liquid crystal 2011 F.E. MacKay and C. Denniston Soft Condensed Matter Physics
4. Quantitative results for square gradient models of fluids 2011 L.T. Kong, D. Vriesinga, C. Denniston Soft Condensed Matter Physics
5. Fluctuating lattice-Boltzmann model for complex fluids 2011 S.T.T. Ollila, C. Denniston, M. Karttunen, T.Ala-Nissila Soft Condensed Matter Physics
6. An improved version of the Green's function molecular dynamics method 2011 L.T. Kong, C. Denniston, M.H. Mueser Soft Condensed Matter Physics
7. Critical Micelle Concentration of Micelles with Different Geometries in Diblock Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends 2011 J. Zhou, A.-C. Shi Soft Condensed Matter Theory
8. Block copolymer self-organization vs. interfacial modification in bilayered thin-film laminates 2011 A. Gozen, J. Zhou, K. Roskov, A.-C. Shi, J. Genzer, R. Spontak Soft Condensed Matter Theory
9. Molecular dynamics simulation of iron nanoparticle sintering during flame synthesis 2011 Nguyen, N.H. Richter, H. and Wen, J.Z. Multi Scale Modeling Of Nanomaterial Synthesis And Applications
10. Theoretical investigations on diffusion induced thermite reactions of core-shell aluminum/palladium nanoparticles 2011 Nguyen, N.H. and Wen, J.Z. Multi Scale Modeling Of Nanomaterial Synthesis And Applications
11. Molecular dynamics simulation of energetic aluminum/palladium core-shell nanoparticles 2011 Nguyen, N.H., Hu, A., Persic, J. and Wen J.Z. Multi Scale Modeling Of Nanomaterial Synthesis And Applications
12. Cumulative effects of job characteristics on health 2011 Jason M. Fletcher, Jody L. Sindelar, Shintaro Yamaguchi Economics
13. Improvement of platinum adhesion to carbon surfaces using PVD coatings 2011 M. Shafiei, A.R. Riahi, F.G. Sen, A.T. Alpas Tribology
14. Parameterization of a Force Field for Te-N Secondary Bonding Interactions and its Application in the Design of Supramolecular Structures Based on Heterocyclic Building Blocks 2011 A. F. Cozzolino, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
15. S,C,S-Pnictogen bonding in pincer complexes of methanediide [C(Ph2PS)2]^2- 2011 R. Thirumoorthi, T. Chivers, I. Vargas-Baca Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
16. D-Optimal Designs: A Mathematical Programming Approach using Cyclotomic Cosets 2011 M. N. Syed, I. S. Kotsireas, P. M. Pardalos Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
17. A meta-software system for orthogonal designs and Hadamard matrices. 2011 I. S. Kotsireas, C. Koukouvinos, D. E. Simos Symbolic Computation, Computational Combinatorics
18. Anomalies in the Entanglement Properties of the Square Lattice Heisenberg Model 2011 Ann B. Kallin, Matthew B. Hastings, Roger G. Melko, Rajiv R. P. Singh Condensed Matter Theory Condensed Matter Physics
19. Quantum spin liquid in a kagome lattice spin-1/2 XY model with four-site exchange 2011 Long Dang, Stephen Inglis, Roger G. Melko Condensed Matter Theory
20. Power performance of canted blades for vertical axis wind turbines 2011 S. Armstrong, S. Tullis Computational Fluid Dynamics