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41. Helium, relativity, and QED 2004 G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
42. Bethe logarithm and QED shift for lithium 2003 Z.-C. Yan, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical atomic and molecular physics Theoretical Physics
43. Hyperfine splitting, isotope shift, and evel energy of the 3S states of 6,7Li 2003 H. A. Bushaw, W. N\"ortersh\"auser, G. Ewald, A. Dax, G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
44. Towards measuring the charge radius of He-6 and He-8 2003 P. Mueller, L. B. Wang, K. Bailey, G. W. F. Drake, X. Du, J. Greene, N. M. Heinz, R. J. Holt, D. Henderson, J. P. Schiffer Theoretical Physics
45. Progress in helium fine structure calculations and the fine structure constant. 2002 G. W. F. Drake Theoretical Physics
46. Ground state energies for helium, H_-, Ps_- 2002 G.W.F. Drake, M. M. Cassar, R. A. Nistor Theoretical Physics
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