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21. The Dynamical Implications of Multiple Stellar Formation Events in Galactic Globular Clusters 2007 Jonathan Downing, Alison Sills Astrophysics
22. Stellar Feedback in Dwarf Galaxy Formation 2007 Sergey Mashchenko, James Wadsley, Hugh Couchman Cosmology Cosmology Astrophysics
23. Radial transport of dust in spiral galaxies 2006 E. I. Vorobyov, Yu. A. Shchekinov Astrophysics
24. The Effect of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars on Star Cluster Dynamics 2006 Robert Wiersma, Alison Sills, Simon Portegies Zwart Astrophysics
25. The removal of cusps from galaxy centres by stellar feedback in the early Universe 2006 S. Mashchenko, J. Wadsley, H. Couchman Astrophysics
26. Outflows and Jets from Collapsing Magnetized Cloud Cores 2006 R. Banerjee, R.E. Pudritz Astrophysics
27. Supersonic Turbulence, Filamentary Accretion and the Rapid Assembly of Massive Stars and Discs, 2006 R. Banerjee, R.E. Pudritz and D.W. Anderson Astrophysics
28. The Secular Evolution of Disk Structural Parameters 2006 V. Debattista, L. Mayer, M. Carollo, B. Moore, J. Wadsley, T. Quinn Astrophysics
29. Blue Stragglers as Stellar Collision Products: The Angular Momentum Question 2005 Alison Sills, Tim Adams, Melvyn Davies Astrophysics
30. Gravitational instability in binary protoplanetary discs: new constraint 2005 Lucio Mayer, James Wadsley, Thomas Quinn, Joachim Stadel Astrophysics
31. The Core of the Quadrantid Meteoroid Stream is Two Hundred Years Old 2005 P. Wiegert and P. Brown Astrophysics Astronomy, General Relativity, Computer Science, Applied Math
32. Globular Clusters with Dark Matter Halos. I. Initial Relaxation 2005 Sergey Mashchenko, Alison Sills Astrophysics
33. The Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect in CMB-calibrated theories applied to the 2005 J. Richard Bond, Carlo Contaldi, Ue-Li Pen, Dimitri Pogosyan, Simone Prunet, Marcelo Ruetalo, James Wadsley, P. Zhang, B. Mason, Steven Myers, T. Pearson, A. Readhead, J. Sievers, P. Udomprasert Astrophysics
34. The Formation and Evolutions of Protostellar Discs; Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Refinement Hydrosimulations of Collapsing, Rotating Bonnor-Ebert Spheres 2005 R. Banerjee, R.E. Pudritz and Lindsay Holmes Astrophysics
35. Simulations of Stellar Collisions Involving Pre-Main Sequence Stars 2005 Dan Laycock, Alison Sills Astrophysics
36. Globular Clusters with Dark Matter Halos. II. Evolution in a Tidal Field 2005 Sergey Mashchenko, Alison Sills Astrophysics
37. The Fate of Supermassive Black Holes and the Evolution of the MBH-$sigma$ Relation in Merging Galaxies: The Effect of Gaseous Dissipation 2005 Stelios Kazantzidis, Lucio Mayer, Monica Colpi, Piero Madau, Vittorio Debattista, James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel, Tom Quinn, Ben Moore Astrophysics
38. The Formation of Star Clusters I. Three-Dimensional Simulations of Hydrodynamic Turbulence, 2004 D.A. Tilley and R.E. Pudritz Astrophysics
39. The Universality of Initial Conditions for Globular Cluster Formation 2004 Sergey Mashchenko, Alison Sills Astrophysics
40. Numerical Mixing and Entropy Transport for Compressible CFD Applications 2004 James Wadsley, Gopi Veeravalli, Hugh Couchman Cosmology Astrophysics
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