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101. “Modification of Turbulent Flow using Distributed Suction” 2003 J.M.Floryan, M.Quadrio and P.Lucini. Fluid Mechanics
102. “Control of Turbulent Channel Flow using Distributed Surface Suction” 2003 J.M.Floryan, M.Quadrio and P.Lucini. Fluid Mechanics
103. “Thermocapillary Convection and Rupture of Interfaces” 2003 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
104. Experimental Investigation of stability of Poiseuille flow in a corrugated channel” 2003 M.Asai and J.M.Floryan, Fluid Mechanics
105. “Wall-Transpiration-Induced Instabilities in Plane Couette Flow” 2003 J.M.Floryan, Fluid Mechanics
106. “Thermocapillary Convection with Moving Contact Points” 2003 Y.Jiang, H.Badr and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
107. “Vortex Instability in a Converging-Diverging Channel” 2003 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
108. Effect of Heat Transfer at the Interface on the Thermocapillary Convection in the Adjacent phase 2003 Y.Jiang and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
109. “Simulation of Thermocapillary Effects in Partially Filled Cavities” 2003 M.El-Gammal and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
110. “Certain aspects of stability of flows over simple distributed roughness” 2003 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
111. “A Parallel Algorithm for the Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Channel Flow” 2003 M.Quadrio, P.Luchini and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
112. “Stability of flow in a wavy channel” 2002 T.Cabal, J.Szumbarski and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
113. Accurate Evaluation of Loss Coefficient and Entrance Length in the Inlet Region of a Channel” 2002 R.Sadri and J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
114. “Centrifugal Instability of Couette Flow over a Wavy Wall” 2002 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
115. “Instability of Accelerated Boundary Layers Induced by Surface Suction” 2002 P.J.D.Roberts and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
116. “Rupture of Non-Isothermal Capillary Interfaces” 2002 J.M.Floryan. Fluid Mechanics
117. ”Design of Surface Roughness for Passive Flow Control” 2002 J.M.Floryan and S.K. Nikumb Fluid Mechanics
118. “Mixing Enhancement in Flow over Sinusoidal Surfaces” 2002 B.E.Thompson, R.E. Nolan, and J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
119. “Travelling wave instability in a channel flow modulated by wall transpiration 2002 J.M.Floryan Fluid Mechanics
120. “Stability of Flow in a Channel with Vibrating Walls” 2002 J.M.Floryan and J.J.Szumbarski and Y.Wu Fluid Mechanics
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