What is a Role?

SHARCNET and Compute Canada use the concept of "role" to manage user accounts. Every user is given a role when they apply for an account. A new role is created every time your position, institution, or sponsor changes. You may already have more than one role. Generally users are allowed to have only one active role at a time. Roles allow us to collect the data about usage that are required by our funding agencies.

When you register for a Compute Canada Identifier (CCI) you will also be assigned a new role, identified by a unique string called a CCRI (Compute Canada Role Identifier). This role will be used by every HPC consortium across Canada where you have an account and run jobs to keep track of your usage. If your position, institution, or sponsor changes, you will be required to apply for a new CCRI, but your CCI will not change. Your CCI identifies you as a a person, but your CCRI identifies your current position.

A CCI has the following format: abc-123.

A CCRI has the following format: abc-123-01.

We also use one or more Resource Allocation Projects (RAPs) for monitoring your group's usage. Each RAP is identified by a RAP Identifier (RAPI) which has a format similar to your CCRI except it ends in two letters instead of two digits: abc-123-aa.

For more information about Compute Canada, the CCDB, and Compute Canada accounts, please see the CCDB FAQ. For instructions on linking accounts, please see here. For instructions on applying for a SHARCNET account through Compute Canada, please see here.

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