SHARCNET is a consortium of 19 Canadian academic institutions. We aim to:

  • Accelerate computational academic research
  • Attract the best students and faculty to our partner institutions by providing cutting edge expertise and hardware
  • Link academic researchers with corporate partners in a search for new business opportunities
SHARCNET is a partner organization of Compute Ontario and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada.

What is HPC?

HPC (High Performance Computing) is the use of high-end computing resources (computers, storage, networking and visualization) to help solve highly complex problems, perform business critical analyses, or to run computationally intensive workloads that are in scale far beyond the tasks that could be achieved on today's leading desktop systems.


To become a world-leading high performance computing consortium promoting forefront research and innovation.

The SHARCNET Mission

To promote and facilitate the use of high performance computational techniques among researchers in all fields and to train a new generation of computationally-skilled individuals.

Background Information

The history of SHARCNET.

SHARCNET's 2007-2012 Strategic Plan and brochure.