For several years cloud computing has been growing in the commercial sector. Researchers who need to fine tune their tool chain, explore different approaches, and quickly pivot their approach have a lot in common with start-ups. Though they are chasing knowledge instead of market share, cloud computing resources will often provide solutions to problems that are cumbersome when using traditional cluster-based approaches.

Technically minded users can setup their research environment to enable easier access for their less technical colleagues. One often desired mechanism for interactivity is remote access through a web page. Traditionally, due to security concerns, high performance clusters have had restricted access to the internet at large. With the advent of cloud computing, by utilizing common technologies, users can now enable web access to their HPC work flows.

Whether it’s versatility, interactivity, or control over the compute environment, cloud based could be the solution to many HPC workflow problems. This workshop will cover the basics of deploying a cloud instance, to setting up your environment to more advanced topics such as running a web server and setting up interactive connections between the cluster and the cloud.

Instructor: Edward Armstrong, SHARCNET, University of Guelph.

Prerequisites: None.