R for Data Analytic

Description: This one day course offers a brief introduction to R, with a focus on data analysis and statistics. We will discuss and introduce the following topics: the R interface, primitive data types, lists, vectors, matrices, and data frames - a crucial data type in data analysis and a trademark in the R language. Advanced topics to be covered include: basics statistics and function creation; *pply family functions; and basics of scripting. Time depending we may cover and discuss some data management strategies (ie. saving results, workspaces and installing packages) and basic plotting.

Instructor: Marcelo Ponce, SciNet, University of Toronto.

Prerequisites: Basic programming experience in any language. Participants willing to follow along the examples presented, should bring a laptop with R or Rstudio installed.

Course materials:
See the link: h/ttps://support.scinet.utoronto.ca/~mponce/courses/London2018