June 28, 2018

Summer school (East) has just opened registration! This is the last of the three events, so here’s your chance. Please check our website at https://cac-staff.github.io/summer-school-2018/ for details, updates, and registration. We will provide coffee and refreshments daily. See you in beautiful Kingston.

May 27, 2018

Welcome to the summer school (West)! A kind reminder, all classes will start at 10:00am Monday.

The classrooms UCC 54A, UCC 54B and UCC 59 are located in the lower level of University Community Centre (UCC, GPS coordinates: 43.008674,-81.276435), across the office of Western Foot Patrol. Please arrive half hour early at the registration desk outside the classrooms to get your name tags.

Please check additional requirements on the software and libraries for the courses you signed up for.

Coffee and refreshments will be provided daily. On the last day, Friday, June 1, there will be a lunch buffet for all participants and teaching staff at the Grad Club in Middlesex College on campus.

Have a great time!

May 22, 2018

Participants should bring a laptop to the summer school. The platform that will be used for the summer school will be primarily the cluster and visualization systems. It is strongly recommended, however, that one has a Linux-like environment on the laptop to be used. For Windows users, there are three options: MobaXterm, Cygwin and Windows Subsystems for Linux (WSL). In particular, one will need the following components: an SSH client, and an X-server if required. Both are included in MobaXterm. Optionally, it would be helpful to install development tools including editors, C/C++, Fortran compilers and the parallel development libraries such as OpenMPI, so that you can practice on your laptop.

May 9, 2018

An overview of all the courses offered at the summer school (West) was introduced at the biweekly general interest seminar today. The recording of the video is available on Youtube in the SHARCNET channel.

April 26, 2018

The registration for the summer school west is open. Registrants should check for the notification email and complete the validation of registration.

April 9, 2018

The (tentative) programme for the summer school (west) is published.

April 2, 2018

The site is launched with basic information, details to follow.