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Web graphical desktop
Manufacturer HP
Operating System Fedora 20
Access Remote
Location WSC 148 (racked)
GPU 2 x GT200GL Quadro FX 4800
Total processors/cores 8
viz8-uwo: 1
8 cores
2 sockets x 4 cores per socket
Intel Xeon @ 2.6 GHz
Type: Compute
Memory: 50.0 GB
Local storage: 1.46 TB
Total attached storage 1.46 TB
Suitable use

Visualization and GPGPU development.

Software available


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Recent System Notices

Status Status Notes
Oct 07 2016, 05:28PM
(11 months ago)

The viz*-uwo machines are available again now that dtn has been restored to service.

Oct 06 2016, 10:10AM
(11 months ago)

The viz*-uwo machines obtain the /home and /work directories from As such they will not be working until is restored. Use vdi-* in the meantime.

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