Storage global b

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Manufacturer HP
Operating System CentOS 6.5
Interconnect 10GigE
Total processors/cores 0
Total attached storage 563 TB
Suitable use

Work storage


For global work.

Software available

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Recent System Notices

Disclaimer: Note that SHARCNET do not guarantee the integrity of data on this system and it is not backed up.

Status Status Notes
Aug 09 2016, 08:23PM
(4 months ago)

Global/b has been restored to service but remains in testing while we monitor its stability.

Aug 09 2016, 09:25AM
(4 months ago)

Global/b maintenance is complete and the filesystem is restarting.

Aug 08 2016, 07:16PM
(4 months ago)

Global/b maintenance is progressing but will be several hours longer than expected. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Aug 08 2016, 06:51AM
(4 months ago)

Global/b is now offline for maintenenace.

Aug 04 2016, 09:46AM
(4 months ago)

Global/b will be offline starting Monday Aug 8th at 7am for approx 12 hours. This is needed to fix a performance and reliabilty issue that arose from the filesystem recovery.

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