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Storage global a

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Manufacturer HP
Operating System RH 5.4
Interconnect GigE
Total processors/cores 0
Total attached storage 287 TB
Suitable use

Archive storage.


For global work.

Software available

Current system state details Graphs

Recent System Notices

Disclaimer: Note that SHARCNET do not guarantee the integrity of data on this system and it is not backed up.

Status Status Notes
Feb 25 2015, 10:08AM
(12 months ago)

Global work ‘A’ is operating normally. Please report any problems to

Feb 12 2015, 01:43PM
(12 months ago)

Global work ‘a’ is back online for testing. The filesystem is now running lustre 2.5.3 under Centos 6.6.

Feb 09 2015, 09:51AM
(12 months ago)

Global work ‘a’ is offline for OS and Lustre upgrade.

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