Storage global a

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Manufacturer HP
Operating System RH 5.4
Interconnect GigE
Total processors/cores 0
Total attached storage 287 TB
Suitable use

Archive storage.


For global work.

Software available

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Recent System Notices

Disclaimer: Note that SHARCNET do not guarantee the integrity of data on this system and it is not backed up.

Status Status Notes
Aug 04 2016, 10:15AM
(7 months ago)

The storage server has been returned to service and global/a is operating normally. Please report any problems to

Aug 04 2016, 09:43AM
(7 months ago)

One storage server on gulf is offline to replace a failed component. Operations to this server will hang while the node is offline. General commands such as df may hang as well. It should be back online in less than an hour.

Jun 19 2016, 03:59PM
(8 months ago)

Several UWO-based systems may have limited service due to cooling failures, including some global work systems, goblin and kraken. We hope to keep service disruption to a minimum.

Jun 13 2016, 01:51PM
(9 months ago)

Dtn and the global/a filesystem is back online. Please report any problems to

Jun 13 2016, 07:03AM
(9 months ago)

Due to an AC failure at UWO, Monk, global a, and dtn are all offline. We are working to resolve the AC issues and return these systems to service.

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