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Due to scheduled power outages at multiple SHARCNET institutions, several clusters (angel, copper, guppy, mako, mosaic, orca, redfin and saw) as well as global /work are currently unavailable and will return to service no later than 1 pm. Monday May 2.
We will use this outage to perform some much needed maintenance on a number of critical systems.

Other clusters will remain up but any jobs that require access to /work will crash. Users should only submit jobs requiring access to /home and /scratch
Links System documentation in the SHARCNET Help Wiki

Manufacturer HP
Operating System Fedora 17
Access Remote/Local
Location SR-316
GPU G70GL Quadro FX 4500
Total processors/cores 4
viz1-wlu: 1
4 cores
2 sockets x 2 cores per socket
AMD Opteron @ 2.6 GHz
Type: Compute
Memory: 16.0 GB
Local storage: 500 GB
Total attached storage 500 GB
Suitable use

Visualization and GPGPU development.

Software available

Current system state details Graphs

Recent System Notices

Status Status Notes
Jul 15 2015, 10:38AM
(10 months ago)

Resetting back to decommissioned.

Jul 15 2015, 10:36AM
(10 months ago)

Machine was racked at UWO a while back so name is now permanent.

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