Storage global c

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Manufacturer Supermicro
Operating System CentOS 6.6
Interconnect 10GigE
Total processors/cores 0
Total attached storage 766 TB
Suitable use

Work storage

Software available

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Disclaimer: Note that SHARCNET do not guarantee the integrity of data on this system and it is not backed up.

Status Status Notes
Mar 22 2019, 11:32AM
(30 days ago)

/global/c is available again after the server crash. Note that it is still scheduled to be decommissioned on April 30 2019

Mar 22 2019, 11:01AM
(30 days ago)

Sorry, the server crash is taking longer than expected to resolve. We’re still working on it, we’ll update you as soon as possible.

Mar 22 2019, 09:08AM
(30 days ago)

/global/c is currently unavailable due to a server crash, we are investigating. We hope to have it back online within the hour.

Feb 25 2019, 11:38AM
(about 1 month ago)

All legacy SHARCNET storage systems (/home, /work and /global/freezer) as well as remaining legacy data transfer and visualization systems (, vdi* will be decommissioned on April 30 2019. If you have valuable data remaining on any of these storage systems you must copy it elsewhere before April 30.

If you have not already done so we strongly recommend that you move all of your computing to the new national systems Graham, Cedar and Niagara. See this URL for help:

Sep 20 2018, 04:15PM
(7 months ago)

We have replaced the /global/c server with new hardware and copied all data. We do not believe that any data has been lost.

Data for some very large storage users is still being copied so it is not yet available. The affected users have already been contacted by email.

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