GDL (Visualization)


GNU Data Language (GDL) is a free/libre/open source incremental compiler compatible with IDL and to some extent with PV-WAVE. Together with its library routines it serves as a tool for data analysis and visualization in such disciplines as astronomy, geosciences and medical imaging. GDL is free software licensed under the GPL.

Availability Table

System Versions
vdi-fedora23 system
vdi-centos6 0.9.4
iqaluk 0.9.4

Change Log

o May 3, 2016: Installed gdl-0.9.5 on vdi-fedora23.
o Nov 4, 2014: Installed gdl-0.9.5 on vdi-fedora20, viz10-uwo and viz11-uwo.
o Oct 7, 2014: Installed gdl/0.9.4 on vdi-centos6 and iqaluk.