STAR-CCM+ (Commercial)


STAR-CCM+ provides the world’s most comprehensive engineering simulation inside a single integrated package. Much more than just a CFD solver, STAR-CCM+ is an entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress.


Sharcnet does NOT purchase or provide any license for STAR-CCM+ rather individual users or research groups must purchase their own license directly from cd-adapco. There are two types of licenses one can purchase: I) a traditional Flex license file that runs on a sharcnet license server which can be obtained by opening a sharcnet ticket and requesting the sharcnet license server details to then pass to Siemens when request creation of the license file. Once they provide the license file send it to the sharcnet ticket owner as an attachment who will install it on the license server. Repeat this process a month before the license expires if you want to renew it without interruption. or, II) a POD license file that runs on the CD-ADAPCO license server which can be obtained by simply contacting Siemens directly. For further information regarding stars licensing models see

Before one can use the sharcnet starccmplus legacy modules on vdi-centos6 and viz10 to run starccmplus-gui (for visualization purposes) one must submit a ticket and request joining the legacy starccmplus software group. Usage of starccmplus on Compute Canada systems such as does NOT require group membership.

Important Terms of License Agreement: “Academic licenses are not intended for use in commercial processing or for-profit purposes. Use explicitly excludes projects that are in collaboration with a third party that is funding your research in exchange for the commercial rights on the results or prevents your ability to publish relevant results to the academic community. You agree that results obtained from using the Software may be publicly shared or published. You agree to cite the use of Licensor’s Software in all your related scientific technical and academic publications and provide Licensor copies of such publications. You agree that your materials referencing Licensor’s trade name, trademarks or logos will be subject to and in accordance with Licensor’s policies governing such use.”

Availability Table

System Versions
vdi-centos7 13.06.012
vdi-centos6 13.06.012, 10.06.009


o Jan 3, 2018: Modules “starccm/r8/13.06.012” and “starccm/mixed/13.06.012” have been installed on vdi-centos6 and vdi-centos7. They will be installed on gra-vdi asap delayed due to image reconfiguration. The new module naming format replaces what would have been previously “starccmplus/double/13.06.012” and “starccmplus/mixed/13.06.012”. This has been done to more closely match the naming convention on star-ccm+ found on compute canada clusters such as graham.

o Feb 17, 2017: Starccmplus modules for versions 8.06.007, 9.04.009 and 10.02.012 will be removed from all sharcnet systems on feb24.

o Sep 28, 2016: Please note on on Windeee its no longer necessary to specify the number of nodes with the -N option. This means jobs are free to locate cores on any node and will therefore start much sooner. If you want to experiment with packing jobs on fewer nodes to improve performance then try small values of N such as 2, 3 or 4 maximum – its possible this will help since windeee has a slower GE interconnect although the trade off in increased queue wait time may not be worth the benefit if any.

o Jun 16, 2016: On vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo and viz11-uwo to run starccm+ interactively within vnc please use the starccmplus-gui command as described in where its no longer necessary to unload/load compilers or openmpi on vdi or viz machines. The latest version of starccm+ will be installed sometime in july, your patience is appreciated. The sharcnet starccmplus/single/8.06.007 and starccmplus/double/8.06.007 modules will be removed on July 16 therefore if you still need them please open a ticket to let us know.

o May 13, 2015: Starccmplus 10.02.012 is now installed. Please note three things 1) the single/double modules are now called starccmplus/mixed/10.02.012 and starccmplus/double/10.02.012. 2) Users who provision a license file to run on a local institutional license server OR a sharcnet license server should verify their license file is at least dated 2015.02 or newer. 3) Users of remote institutional license servers should ask their administrators to update to FLEXlm server 11.13 (or newer) available from the website. This has already been done for the sharcnet starccmplus license servers and will not effect podkey users. 4) Starccmplus 10.02.012 appears to be working normally in the queue on orca, redfin and saw. However on hound initial testing suggests core allocation overlap for jobs run in the queue hence please avoid the machine for star usage until further notice or possibly the software will be just removed likewise from the Availability Table above.

o Jan 28, 2015: It is now necessary to load gcc, openmpi/gcc and the starccmplus module before submitting jobs to the queue (as shown in the Documentation link). Note also the command passed to sqsub has changed to starccmplus-openmpi from starccmplus. The change is necessary to ensure core placement for large mpi jobs. As a byproduct star is now available on saw cluster. Please report any problems via a ticket asap. Eventually the starccmplus command will be removed leaving only starccmplus-openmpi which has already been done on saw, redfin and hound.

Change Log

o Jan 3, 2018: Installed starccm/r8/13.06.01 and starccm/mixed/13.06.012 on vdi-centos6 and vdi-centos7.
o Mar 2, 2017 : Removed starccmplus 8.06.007, 9.04.009 and 10.02.012 from orca, saw, vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, windeee.
o Feb 17, 2017 : Installed starccmplus/mixed/11.06.011 and starccmplus/double/11.06.011 orca, saw, vdi-centos6, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, windeee.
o Aug 12, 2015 : Installed starccmplus/mixed/10.02.012 and starccmplus/double/10.02.012 modules on windeee.
o May 13, 2015 : Installed starccmplus/mixed/10.02.012 and starccmplus/double/10.02.012 modules on hound, orca, redfin, saw, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo and vdi-centos6 for testing.
o Mar 3, 2015 : Installed starccmplus/single/8.06.007 and starccmplus/double/8.06.007 on orca, saw, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo and vdi-centos6
o Jan 27, 2015 : Added starccmplus/single and double/9.04.009 to saw.
o Nov 10, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 9.02.005 modules from hound and orca.
o Oct 31, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 9.02.005 from viz1,2,3,4,
o Oct 30, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 9.04.009 from and installed starccmplus version 9.04.009 on and
o Aug 19, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 9.02.005 from redfin.
o Aug 19, 2014 : Installed starccmplus version 9.04.009 on Removed starccmplus 9.04.009 modules from viz3-uwaterloo and viz6-uoguelph.
o Aug 19, 2014 : Installed starccmplus/9.04.009 on hound, orca, redfin, viz8-uwo, viz9-uwo, viz9-uwo, viz10-uwo, viz11-uwo, viz4-uoguelph, viz6-uoguelph and viz3-uwaterloo.
o Jun 5, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 8.02.008 and 8.06.005 from saw.
o Apr 7, 2014 : Installed starccmplus/[single,double]/9.02.005 on viz2,3,4,5-uwo workstations.
o Mar 20, 2014 : Removed/installed starccmplus 8.06.005/9.02.005 module from/onto hound.
o Mar 13, 2014 : Removed starccmplus 8.06.005 modules from orca and redfin.
o Mar 10, 2014 : On redfin, orca removed/added starccmplus 8.02.008/9.02.005 modules.
o Feb 20, 2014 : Removed starccmplus/8.02.008 module from hound.
o Nov 21, 2013 : Installed starccmplus 8.06.005 modules on hound, orca, saw and redfin.
o Oct 24, 2013 : Removed starccm+ from brown due to /opt/sharcnet disk space constaints. Reinstalled starccm+ as starccmplus on hound, orca, redfin and saw.
o May 8, 2013 : Installed starccm+/single/8.02.008 and starccm+/double/8.02.008 modules on brown, hound, orca, redfin and saw.