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This page is scheduled for deletion because it is either redundant with information available on the CC wiki, or the software is no longer supported.
Description: A complete TeX document production system.
SHARCNET Package information: see TEXLIVE software page in web portal
Full list of SHARCNET supported software


Sharcnet provides a module consisting of a complete installation of texlive based on the procedure described in

Version Selection

To load the latest texlive sharcnet module do:

module load texlive

Example Usage

Generate dvi File

module load texlive
cp -a /opt/sharcnet/texlive/20150622/texmf-dist/source/latex/tudscr/doc/examples .
cd examples
latex treatise-example.tex

Generate eps/pdf File

module load texlive
dvips treatise-example.dvi   (generates treatise-example.eps)
dvipdf treatise-example.dvi   (generates treatise-example.pdf)

View dvi/eps/pdf File


Establish a graphical (noVNC) connection into vdi-centos6

Step 2)

module load tetex
xdvi treatise-example.dvi
display  treatise-example.eps
display  treatise-example.pdf
evince treatise-example.pdf

General Notes

Adding TrueType/OpenType Fonts

Your TeX work might need to leverage more fonts than are installed on SHARCNET systems. These fonts can be installed in your ~/.fonts directory. The example below illustrates how one would install TrueType fonts using the open Charis SIL ( ) downloaded from . It is assumed that you have downloaded the font and unzipped/untarred the download and found the directory with the *.tff fonts in it. In the steps below this directory is referred to as $TTF_DIR. The to install fonts are:

  1. mkdir -p ~/.fonts
  2. cd ~/.fonts
  3. cp $TTF_DIR/*.ttf .
  4. fc-cache
    • NOTE: This refreshes the font cache since you've just installed these new fonts.

You can now use these fonts with the appropriate packages in your TeX files. :-)

Editing Tex/Latex Files

The recommended tex/latex file editor (available on all sharcnet systems) is emacs. To edit files in text mode run:

emacs -nw myfile.tex
^x^s  (to save changes)
^x^c  (to exit)

List Search Paths

The sharcnet installation is based on a non-portable setup (for letter paper) which defines ~/texmf as the directory for local files:

[roberpj@orc-login2:~] module load texlive/20150622

List All Search Paths
[roberpj@orc-login2:~] kpsexpand '$TEXMF'

List Local Search Path(s) Only
[roberpj@orc-login2:~] kpsexpand '$TEXMFHOME'

Available Programs

Note that an X connection maybe required for some programs. Using the webrowser (novnc) approach is recommended as described in though simple ssh -X will likely suffice.

[roberpj@orc-login2:/opt/sharcnet/texlive/20150622/bin/x86_64-linux] ls
a2ping            dviluatex                latexrevise          pdfcrop           t1reencode
a5toa4            dvipdfm                  lily-glyph-commands  pdfcslatex        t1testpage
adhocfilelist     dvipdfmx                 lily-image-commands  pdfcsplain        t1unmac
afm2afm           dvipdft                  lily-rebuild-pdfs    pdfetex           t4ht
afm2pl            dvipng                   listbib              pdfflip           tangle
afm2tfm           dvipos               pdfjadetex        teckit_compile
aleph             dvips                    lollipop             pdfjam            tex
allcm             dvired                   ltx2crossrefxml      pdfjam-pocketmod  tex2xindy
allec             dviselect                ltxfileinfo          pdfjam-slides3up  tex4ht
allneeded         dvisvgm                  ltximg               pdfjam-slides6up  texconfig
amstex            dvitodvi                 lua2dox_filter       pdfjoin           texconfig-dialog
arara             dvitomp                  luajittex            pdflatex          texconfig-sys
arlatex           dvitype                  lualatex             pdfmex            texcount
asy               e2pall                   lualollipop          pdfnup            texdef
authorindex       ebb                      luaotfload-tool      pdfopen           texdiff
autoinst          ebong                    luatex               pdfpun            texdirflatten
bbox              eplain                   luatools             pdftex            texdoc
bg5conv           epsffit                  mag                  pdftosrc          texdoctk
bg5latex          epspdf                   makeglossaries       pdfxmltex         texexec
bg5+latex         epspdftk                 makeindex            pdvitomp          texfot
bg5pdflatex       epstopdf                 makejvf              pdvitype          texhash
bg5+pdflatex      eptex                    man                  pedigree          texindy
bibdoiadd         etex                     match_parens         perltex           texlinks
biber             euptex                   mathspic             pfarrei           texliveonfly
bibexport         exceltex                 mendex               pfb2pfa           texloganalyser
bibtex            extconv                  mex                  pk2bm             texlua
bibtex8           extractbb                mf                   pkfix             texluac
bibtexu           extractres               mf2pt1               pkfix-helper      texluajit
bibzbladd         fig4latex                mf-nowin             pktogf            texluajitc
bundledoc         findhyph                 mfplain              pktype            texmfstart
cachepic          fixmsxpart               mft                  platex            texsis
cef5conv          fmtutil                  mk4ht                pltotf            tftopl
cef5latex         fmtutil-sys              mkgrkindex           pmpost            thumbpdf
cef5pdflatex      fontinst                 mkindex              pmx2pdf           tie
cefconv           fragmaster               mkjobtexmf           pmxab             tlmgr
ceflatex          gbklatex                 mkocp                pmxchords         tpic2pdftex
cefpdflatex       gbkpdflatex              mkofm                pooltype          ttf2afm
cefsconv          getmapdl                 mkpic                ppltotf           ttf2kotexfont
cefslatex         gftodvi                  mkt1font             prepmx            ttf2pk
cefspdflatex      gftopk                   mktexfmt             ps2eps            ttf2tfm
cfftot1           gftype                   mktexlsr             ps2frag           ttfdump
checkcites        gsftopk                  mktexmf              ps2pk             ttftotype42
chktex            hbf2gf                   mktexpk              ps4pdf            typeoutfileinfo
chkweb            ht                       mktextfm             psbook            ulqda
cjk-gs-integrate  htcontext                mllatex              psjoin            upbibtex
context           htlatex                  mltex                pslatex           updmap
contextjit        htmex                    mmafm                psnup             updmap-sys
convbkmk          httex                    mmpfb                psresize          updvitomp
cslatex           httexi                   mpost                psselect          updvitype
csplain           htxelatex                mptopdf              pst2pdf           uplatex
ctangle           htxetex                  msxlint              pstops            upmpost
ctanify           includeres               m-tx                 ptex              uppltotf
ctanupload        inimf                    mtxrun               ptex2pdf          uptex
ctie              initex                   mtxrunjit            ptftopl           uptftopl
cweave            installfont-tl           multibibliography    purifyeps         urlbst
de-macro          jadetex                  musixflx             pygmentex         utf8mex
depythontex       jamo-normalize           musixtex             pythontex         vftovp
detex             kanji-config-updmap      odvicopy             repstopdf         vlna
devnag            kanji-config-updmap-sys  odvitype             rpdfcrop          vpe
deweb             kanji-fontmap-creator    ofm2opl              rubibtex          vpl2ovp
disdvi            komkindex                omfonts              rubikrotation     vpl2vpl
dosepsbin         kpseaccess               opl2ofm              rumakeindex       vptovf
dt2dv             kpsepath                 ot2kpx               rungs             weave
dtxgen            kpsereadlink             otangle              scor2prt          wofm2opl
dv2dt             kpsestat                 otfinfo              simpdftex         wopl2ofm
dvi2fax           kpsetool                 otftotfm             sjisconv          wovf2ovp
dvi2tty           kpsewhere                otp2ocp              sjislatex         wovp2ovf
dviasm            kpsewhich                outocp               sjispdflatex      xasy
dvibook           kpsexpand                ovf2ovp              splitindex        xdvi
dviconcat         lacheck                  ovp2ovf              sty2dtx           xdvipdfmx
dvicopy           lamed                    patgen               svn-multi         xdvi-xaw
dvidvi            latex                    pbibtex              synctex           xelatex
dvigif            latex2man                pdf180               t1ascii           xelollipop
dvihp             latexdiff                pdf270               t1asm             xetex
dvilj             latexdiff-vc             pdf90                t1binary          xindy
dvilj2p           latexfileversion         pdfannotextractor    t1disasm          xindy.mem
dvilj4            latex-git-log            pdfatfi              t1dotlessj
dvilj4l           latexindent              pdfbook              t1lint            xmltex
dvilj6            latexmk                  pdfbook2             t1mac             yplan
dvilualatex       latexpand                pdfclose             t1rawafm

PK File Creation Test

Note that the first time mktexp is run a ~/.texlive2015 directory will / should be created. To demonstrate, the following example tests creation of the pk file for the bbm font:

[roberpj@orc-login2:~] module load texlive/20150622

[roberpj@orc-login2:~/samples/texlive/mktexpk]  mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+0/600 --dpi 600 bbm9
mktexpk: Running mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1+0/600; nonstopmode; input bbm9
This is METAFONT, Version 2.7182818 (TeX Live 2015) (preloaded base=mf)
[65] [66] [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] [76] [77] [78] [79]
[80] [81] [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] [87] [88] [89] [90])
[97] [98] [99] [100] [101] [102] [103] [104] [105] [106] [107] [108] [109]
[110] [111] [112] [113] [114] [115] [116] [117] [118] [119] [120] [121]
[49] [50] [40] [41] [91] [93]) ) )
Font metrics written on bbm9.tfm.
Output written on bbm9.600gf (58 characters, 15272 bytes).
Transcript written on bbm9.log.
mktexpk: /home/roberpj/.texlive2015/texmf-var/fonts/pk/ljfour/public/bbm/bbm9.600pk: successfully generated.

[roberpj@orc-login2:~/.texlive2015] tree
`-- texmf-var
    `-- fonts
        `-- pk
            `-- ljfour
                `-- public
                    `-- bbm
                        `-- bbm9.600pk


o TEX Live Homepage

o TikZ and PGF Homepage

o CTAN Tex Font Installation Guide