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Courses taught in the past SHARCNET Summer Schools

Training expertise of SHARCNET staff

This list is based on SN summer school courses (from the list above), and also on other long (0.5d and up) courses taught by our staff.

  • Armin Sobhani: Bioinformatics domain
  • Ed Armstrong: Pthreads; Multithreading in Java; Multithreading in C
  • Fei Mao: Programming Xeon, MPI
  • Ge Baolai: C, Fortran; HPC Best Practices; MPI, OpenMP; Pthreads, Multithreading in C; R; MATLAB; Numerical Libraries; Intro to Shell/Linux
  • Isaac Ye: Intro to shell/Linux
  • James Desjardins: Octave / MATLAB
  • Jemmy Hu: OpenMP, Chemistry domain, MATLAB, MPI
  • Jose Nandez: Big data; Cloud computing
  • Paul Preney: C++
  • Pawel Pomorski: CUDA; OpenCL; Python ;MPI
  • Sergey Mashchenko: CUDA; MPI; OpenMP; Parallel debugging; Intro to HPC computing; Intro to parallel computing
  • Tyson Whitehead: Visualization (Paraview); Git; Intro to shell/Linux; Intro to HPC computing
  • Weiguang Guan: Visualization (Paraview); Deep Learning