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Secure SHell File System (SSHFS) allows a user to mount a directory from a remote server.




You may have to first install SSHFS on your local system. Use the following commands to install SSHFS:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt install sshfs
  • Centos: yum install sshfs / yum install fuse-sshfs (need to verify).


To mount a drive use "sshfs [user@]host:[dir] mountpoint [options]". In the following example there are two steps: (1) create the target directory, (2)mount the fs. Take node of the absolute path "/home/user/project" as opposed to the relative path "~/project" which may not work.

mkdir ./project
sshfs ./project

To unmount a drive use "fusermount -u mountpoint". For example to unmount the mount from the previous example:

fusermount -u ./project


The winsshfs gui interface.
GUI Interface.

WINSSHFS provide a graphical interface for using SSHFS on windows.


To install winsshfs you will need to install two programs. The first, dokan is a FUST (Linux file system in user space) implementation for windows. The second winsshfs in the gui interface. You can find the original instructions at the winsshfs gihub repository.


To mount a new drive perform the following steps:

  1. Give the drive a name under "Drive Name"
  2. Enter the host address.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Choose an authentication method (private key is recommended).
  5. Select the directory containing your private key.
  6. Choose the remote source directory.
  7. Chose The local drive letter you would like to use.
  8. Click save.


man sshfs winssh github repository