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SSH, which stands for secure shell, is a secure method of logging into another computer over the network. In particular, it is the only way to access the various SHARCNET machines. SSH is installed usually installed by default under the Linux and Mac operating systems. A free versions can be downloaded for Windows machines.

SSH for Windows

SHARCNET recommends downloading and installing the graphical PuTTY SSH suite along with the WinSCP program based on it. However, if you prefer OpenSSH, you can also install the entire Cygwin tool set for Windows, which comes with OpenSSH, or just OpenSSH recompiled for Windows. The remainder of this section will cover the former option.


Download putty.exe, plink.exe, pageant.exe, and puttygen.exe from the PuTTY homepage (click the download link) and the WinSCP portable executable from the WinSCP homepage (click the download link) and store them in C:\Program Files\PuTTY. Adding a shortcut links for putty.exe and the WinSCP portable executable to your application menu and/or your desktop is recommended (drag and drop with ctrl+shift).

Logging In