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Description: A sophisticated computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computing
SHARCNET Package information: see MAPLE software page in web portal
Full list of SHARCNET supported software

The access to Maple is restricted to the institutions that have site licenses. The following instructions are institution specific. Please contact your home institution IT department for license information.

Western University

Maple 15 is available exclusively on two systems: and

First load module

module load maple

For testing the interactive environment, login to At the command line, type


Please keep in mind, however, that the interactive use of maple is strongly discouraged. Users are not expected to run any programmes on the login node except for compilation and editing files. User programms running out side the schedule on the login nodes will be terminated by the monito -rring system.

To run Maple code on kraken (recommended), submit jobs using the following command

sqsub -q serial [ -f bul ] -o mycode.log -r 2.5h --mpp=5G maple mycode.mpl

where option -f bul specifies the destination cluster bull (mandatory for kraken only) -o mycode.log specifies the output file name, -r 2.5h specifies the run time estimate (this is mandatory) and --mpp=5G tells the scheduler you need 5GB memory to run the code, so that the scheduler will find the place where there is enough memory to accommodate your code.

For running multicore jobs, please contact the local staff [1] for details.

For parallel processing on clusters, one needs the Grid Computing Toolbox (GCT) license, which is sold separately. Currently The University of Western Ontario does not hold the license for GCT. Individuals who want to use Maple GCT must obtain their own license from MapleSoft [2].

University of Waterloo

Please check with local staff[3].

Brock University

Please contact SHARCNET staff[4].